Pikes Peak or bust in a 1000-hp Mustang


Only three weeks before Kashmeer Singh, aka Kash, was to drive 1400 miles from Seattle to Colorado Springs to compete in the 96th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, his wide-bodied, twin-turbocharged, 1000-horsepower 2017 Ford Mustang GT race car blew up. Considering Kash’s past struggles at Pikes Peak, it wasn’t a surprise.

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The race does not start at 4720 feet. The town of Colorado Springs isn’t even that low, nor does it climb 14,115 feet (something you’ve listed a few times in the article), that would make the summit 18,835 feet, which it’s not. The race starts at 9390ft, climbs 4725 feet to the 14,115 foot summit over a distance of 12.42 miles with 156 turns (which you got correct).

And yes, the race day and all of the events leading up to it are just as fun and wild and crazy as Kash describes. Had the pleasure of meeting him this year and can’t wait to be back next.