Pioneering muscle car novelties


“Rumble Bee and Hellcat and other cartoonish names for absurdly overpowered cars.?” ?

“absurdly overpowered”? I think not. These words would never come out the mouth of a muscle car owner.
Consider that 425 hp was considered overpowered in their day and that’s without all of the suspension and traction aids that comes with the car being built today.
Overpowered maybe from an insurance company standpoint ?


You are aware 425 hp in 1970 is different than 425 hp today, right?

And are you suggesting a Hellcat is not overpowered? That’s its attraction.


Very aware of the differences in ratings or HP between 1970 and today… doesn’t take away from the fact that the 1970 425 hp was considered a lot of power in its day. The Hellcat has lots of power for sure, I still would not call it overpowered. Capable of 11.25’s in the quarter vs a 9.65 second Demon. That’s one “hell” of a difference. I’d call them high powered for sure…overpowered? No. It’s attraction is its “high power” not its “overpowered”. Never once heard anyone say, “I’m going to buy a Hellcat/Demon because its overpowered” lol


I’ve never heard anyone say “I’m not going to buy a 426 Hemi because it’s slow compared to the Demon” either.

11.25 ETs were for non-streetable factory drag cars not too long ago…


Wish that I had a set of those lightning rod shifters in my 1987 Buick Grand National. The GN of course has the 4 speed overdrive transmission though…


As an owner of a 1968 Pontiac GTO, I can tell you there is nothing lightweight about the endura front bumper. It has a steel core covered with the endura product. Though I haven’t personally compared the weight difference between an endura vs a chrome bumper (offered as an endura delete option), I suspect it might in fact weigh more. This is not even taking into account the added weight of the hidden headlight mechanism and heavier mounting brackets. I would be interested in hearing which one is heavier (just the bumper alone). I’m not complaining, I like the endura look. I just wanted to speak on some of myths surrounding it.


The author agrees, and we’ve updated the text accordingly. Thank you.


It would be a simple swap. Both cars came with the 200-4R overdrive transmission. My guess is the only difference is the converter stall speed.


Hmm. Didn’t know that. I always thought that the Olds had a TH350. If Hurst did a Lightning Rods re-make for G body cars including any necessary associated conversion hardware, I think that they might get a few customers. The stock GN shifter is really bad - can’t hardly feel the shifter detents. Makes it almost impossible to reliably shift manually. I wouldn’t trust myself to use anything but “D” at the dragstrip - but it shifts too early. My GN already has a 3000 stall 9" converter combined with the 200-4R (and several transmission strengthening mods). Perhaps a shop could further modify it to get higher shift points.


I’d say a good place to start would be California Performance Transmission. Art Carr, over there is supposed to be the undisputed 200-4R guru. http://www.cpttransmission.com/

I’m likely going to contact them when I finally decide to pull the TH400 from my 69 Grand Prix and upgrade to a 200-4R.

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