Police Cars - Dodge Chager, Ford Crown Vic


Real cop cars have always been rear-wheel drive, four-door American sedans. The young upstart is the Dodge Charger and the fading champ is the Ford Crown Vic. Out of production since 2011, the Crown Vic still forms the backbone of many North American police fleets. Since all Ford has at the moment is the Taurus Police Interceptor and the Explorer, it looks like the future belongs to the Charger, but will it live up to the Crown Vic’s legacy? Here are a few of our thoughts:

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I have experience with both in police trim. The article didn’t mention rear seat headroom is better in the Crown Vic and the trunk is larger. It’s also a more comfortable car. It has better ride quality and the bucket seats are bigger. Also, the Ford modular is an overhead cam V8; Dodge uses pushrods in their V8. Visibility is much better in the Crown Vic and it received 5 stars in a frontal crash compared to 4 stars.


^Agree. The CV has what seems like twice the trunk space of the Charger. Important for any cruiser, but as a Patrol Sgt that carried additional gear, it was huge. Back seat space was almost as important and the CV wins hands-down there too. We had both in fleet at my Department. Officers with an arrest of anybody larger than an adolescent had to use a can of non-stick coating to stuff ‘em in the back seat or call an Officer with a CV to transport.
Reliability wasn’t even close. The CV’s just worked. Our fleet maintenance was constantly replacing worn or failed suspension components on the Chargers. And transmissions were often done with half the miles of a CV.
Winter driving was another win. I think both cars had LSD’s, but put decent tires on the CV and I could almost plow roads. Not so with the Charger.