Pondering the Town & Country along with the question, is it time for a minivan renaissance?

The Chrysler Town & Country, as with its similarly storied fellow nameplate Chrysler New Yorker, went through several iterations over the decades—but the T&C certainly covered a broader range. From the ‘40s to the ‘80s, the name adorned station wagons, a two-door hardtop, a four-door sedan, and a few convertibles. The final, and most outrageous, change came for the 1990 model year, when the luxury wagon became a luxury minivan. Yes, a minivan. A bold idea, but a successful one, and it would move the metal until 2016 when the nameplate would be stripped from a redesigned vehicle and replaced with a fairly obscure throwback to an uninspiring corner case from the DaimlerChrysler days… but I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I? Let’s start from the beginning.

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Hi we (retired couple in our 70’s) are on our second Toyota Sienna - absolutely love it (an SE) and will most likely buy another. Great performance & comfort, convenient capacity and reasonable mileage. What’s not to like? (Compared to an SUV - less capacity, less mileage - awd or fwd - who needs it? (we live in the snow belt in Ontario, Canada - 4 snow tires & traction control - all we need).

Can you think of a more lame and soul sucking vehicle than a minivan?

well avideo2015, how about an SUV ? Which, by the way is just a compressed station wagon.

I have owned 1 of every series of Dodge Caravan since their conception with very little complaint while raising our 6 children over 30 years. I owned a 1984 with the manual 5 speed and 4 cylinder as my first and continued on with an 1988 Grand Caravan, a 1992, 1996, 2000, 1 2002 shorty, a 2002 Grand Caravan, 2003 Grand Caravan and finally after many years purchased a good used 2011 Town and Country. The vans have been totally practical in every way from hauling the children t motorcycles and Lumber and drywall through the years. My Town and Country now serves in the same capacity and at 63 now provides ease of access getting in and out and the comfort needed on those long road trips. Kudo’s to the Chrysler Minivan.

Not quite. Still the best vehicle for a family or folks who need more room for access. Raised my kids in the Plymouth Grand Voyager and have many great memories of trips to the beach, cross country and the mountains. Could haul a lot of family and stuff. I have owned an XKE, two 911’s and other vehicles but I consider the Voyager the best all around vehicle for a family.

You seem to have a rather narrow view of the world and automobiles. Fair enough, to each his own but you may need a minivan some day.


Is it time for a Chrysler Minivan revival? No.

Mini vans are useful. I used a Toyota Sienna for my business and put almost 300,000 miles on it. It did not rust, and only needed the a/c repaired at 100,000 miles; and the sliding door latches replaced at about 200,000 mi. Total cost of repairs, about $1,500. Much better than other vans I’d used!

I have a Toyota version of a minivan. It is a 2004 Scion xB. Bought it new and have over 364000 miles. The only Toyota I will ever own. The only two short comings - no cruise control and the seats are not comfortable on long trips.

Doubtful I will ever have any need for a minivan.

Glad for you that your experiences have been positive. I’ve lost count of the various minivans I’ve seen on the sides of the road here in the Southwest - usually with a faulty transmission or an overheated engine. The junkyards are full of them.

Not aware of any minivan that can easily tow a show car or a race car on a trailer. Nothing wrong with SUVs. If you haven’t noticed already, they are replacing many 4 door sedans and minivans. My Ford Expedition can easily tow a load over 8,000 lbs. Try that in a minivan sometime!

I have seen minivans go from the “must have” vehicle to single moms turning up their noses to the “soccer mom” vehicle. I often have to chuckle at the one’s that did purchase the minivan due to the unaffordable SUV and admit it was the best family vehicle they ever had!

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Yep, if you don’t mind paying through the nose for fuel or having your tools stolen out of the back. I’ve owned several minivans for construction purposes and they towed my trailers just fine as long as you aren’t playing race boy. Other than hauling hay or horses a prickup is one of the most useless vehicles ever made.

Repeat after me…

A scion xb is NOT a Toyota minivan… it’s a Toyota compact suv.

The toyota minivan is the sienna. Scion doesnt have anything with sliding doors that I know about.

We had a kia sedona, not a fan of the design but it was all the minivan we could afford at the time.

I often told my wife if we got another minivan, I’d paint it all black with a red stripe and spoiler ala the a team and I’d go around saying: “I pity the fool.”

But seriously, the world awaits vws reentry into the minivan market for the id buzz microbus inspired ev minivan.

But, it’s been through so many artistic revisions it now closely more resembles a kia soul.

Vw messed up the beetle. Now there going to mess up the microbus.


Enjoy your aging minivan pal. I’ve never had tools stolen out of any of my vehicles. As in EVER! And even the police around here tell you to not store anything of value in your vehicle.
And gas is such a tiny part of our household expenditures, I never worry about it. Of course, we don’t live where it’s $4.00 a gallon either.

Well aren’t you just special.

Packard in 57 had the best of both worlds. The 4 door was the TOWN SEDAN
the wagon was the COUNTRY SEDAN

I’m lucky enough to have one , with factory McCullough Supercharger

Hey, did those T n’ C’s come with Gold Fish Crackers on the floor from the factory?
Jus’ askin.

Yep - for me, it would be a full-size four-door pickup.

Duuuuude….you have GOT to do something about that prop rod! Lisle tools makes a nice one for about $30 and Performance Tools makes a cheaper one for about $15. I love the car and it’s cool patina but if I were at that car show, the 2x4 would have made for one chuckle at your expense. They make memes out of things like this…

And two week old French fries…