Pontiac Appeal - Pontiac GTO


What makes Pontiacs so popular in today's collector realm? Duh! For more than 50 years, the prime goal at General Motors' second-from-the-bottom brand was to build excitement, which Pontiac Motor Division continued doing well even after horsepower became a dirty word in the '70s.

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I fell in love with Pontiacs back in college days when my roommate had a factory brass hat '62 Grand Prix stuffed with a 421 4bbl and 4 speed transmission…the only thing it could not pass was a gas pump…I still have a visible finger scar from helping him change the sharp edged camshaft one afternoon…spool ahead a couple of decades into the late 1980’s when GTOs were found in any salvage yard…a complete RA3 '70 Judge hardtop with a busted driver’s seat for $200…a '70 RA4 ragtop with 4 speed from the original owner for pocket change because “the top leaked”…a '60 Bonneville ragtop with factory buckets and 4 speed for $300…those heady days are long gone along with the junkyard bargains…like Wayne Carini says “it’s all about the chase”…unfortunately the salvage yards are void of those easy finds today…but us old guys have lots of fond memories of Saturday junkyard diving!


I believe I am a little younger than you, but I too enjoyed pulling my own parts at a local yard. Those were fun mornings soaking up sun on my back and penetrating oil on my fingers.

There was a '65 GTO convertible running around town last year that I really fell in love with. Don’t think I will be finding one of those cheap or soon!