Pontiac Fiero - Indy Pace Car


1984 Pontiac Fiero Indy Pace Car

CHAD McGHEE was smitten when he first saw his dream car in 1984. “I took every chance I could to be near one,” he says. It was Pontiac’s brand-new Fiero, and the 12-yearold car fanatic dragged his parents to auto shows, wore out factory brochures and generally searched for any information on the Pontiac’s mid-engine “commuter car.” Then, he recalls, “One day at the mall I found a hard-backed poster of the ultimate Fiero of the time — the 1984 Indy Pace Car edition.” He bought it, framed it and it hung on his wall until long after he left for college.

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I have the same affliction for the Indy Fiero and the Pontiac Fiero in general. Gotta love these cars.


I retired from GM Engineering and when I first saw the Fiero in mock up in 1982 I fell in love with it. I have 4 Fieros now. One is a Pace Car. I put a super duty engine in mine. I also have a performance iron duke engine estimate around 200 hp for sale if you want to make your car even more fun to drive.