Pontiac GTO - Holden GTO


It was two enthusiast dreams come true in one car. An American icon was reborn and, ironically, a formerly forbidden fruit was its foundation. Yes, an Australian-built muscle car was repurposed for American tastes. For those and other reasons, the 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO should have been a home run, to apply a baseball metaphor to cars. But it wasn’t. Here’s what happened.

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Yes, the 2004-06 GTO was suppose to look like the retro Mustangs but…it didn’t. Which makes it even more desirable. As I see it, it had its own style and not that of previous models. During the muscle car era, we didn’t look at those cars as being retro of a model before it but a new styling that was presented to us with enthusiasm. When the 1968 GTO came out, it was a whole new body style and brought excitement about owning one. Just like when the 1965 GTO came out, it was different then the 1964 with a new styling and was exciting. So with the new generation GTO, they was that excitement of new stying and horsepower. I do own a 1968 GTO since 1975 and I truely love that car but also I was interest in the 2004-06 GTO since those that actually bought them totally loved them for what they were…fast and fun! So I did but a 2005 GTO with a 6 speed and love it! The newer GTOs are fewer in number as with the 1968, they made over 80,000 where the 2005 they make over 11,000. To me, both are fun and exciting and beautiful and I’m very lucky to have those two GTOs. Once you have a GTO and love it, you will always love one for one thing…the name GTO!


Glad to hear you’re one of the few classic GTO owners who actually think the new GTO is a good car and is deserving of the name. You seem to be in the minority. I agree with you on every point. The GTO didn’t have to be retro styled like everyone claims, and any hate on the car on styling alone is completely undeserved. They have obviously never driven one.


I also have 2005 GTO and absolutely love the car. With 400 hp and a very capable suspension, it’s very hard to beat the performance-per-dollar ratio that it offers. As @Greg_I mentioned, it’s not common to run into an owner of both a classic and new GTO, but we know you guys are out there. Thanks for chiming in and telling us about your awesome Pontiacs!


My son recently came home from Delaware for Thanksgiving. We took the 2005 GTO out twice while he was home since the weather was decent and the roads were dry. I let him drive it both times and he thoroughly enjoyed driving it both times. He’s 28 year old and he knows some day he will own this car…:slight_smile: He definitely says its a fun car to drive and he loved the bucket seats. I’m sure he will enjoy it more next summer when he comes home. I’m thinking of upgrading the exhaust system on it. Lots of systems to look and compare. Of course it has to be one that he will like too…lol


Glad you two had a chance to enjoy the car! It’s been snowing on and off here in MI, but I was also able to drive '05 on Sunday to put it away in storage.

Also, big yes to adding a catback exhaust. I’m running an SLP Loudmouth I system (came with the car) and it sounds fantastic. Great idle, snarls at high rpm, and lots of snaps and pops on decel. It might be slightly on the loud side for the average person, but my friends/family don’t find it overly aggressive (my tolerance for loud cars is excessively high, so I’m not including my own opinion).

I’d check out the SLP, Borla, or Corsa - can’t go wrong with any of the three. Youtube exhaust clips will be your friend in the process.


The one system I am seriously thinking about is the bassani stainless steel. I’ve looked at various you tube clips and they are the sound I’m looking for. Lots of choices though.