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The engine revs climb to a crescendo and the tire-shredding torque kicks in as the clutch is released. One might expect it to breathe fire, but instead you are greeted with something even better: loud, deep crackling exhaust notes. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6 is the most beastly bird in the flock, and the split front grille resembles a dragon’s wide nostrils. Fire breathing, indeed.

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Being a Pontiac guy, I agree with you. Great article. My first Pontiac was a bright red Trans Am with factory Hurst that I purchased new in 1975 from Brown Pontiac in Arlington, Va. Your article further inspired me to look at buying a WS6. I have seen a couple for sale here in Atlanta but they have been high mileage. I had a 1995 Firebird back in the 90’s with a V6, definitely not a WS6, but I still love that body style.


I was a kid when Smokey and the bandit hit the theaters. That car made a big impression on me - loved the black and gold combo, the big bird, the T-tops, and the performance. Later when the kids got older I bought a 99 Camaro SS- very similar platform, but it lacks the Pontiac flare. When that hood appeared, and who can forget the commercial with the TA eating the car in front of it, Pontiac caught my attention again. When GM announced that they were killing Pontiac, I made a decision to find a black 02 with T-tops. It took me a few years, but I found one that was originally stored by a collector, then lightly used by the second owner. I am the third owner and the car now has 7,000 miles on it. I have done all the maintenance on it, kept it stock, and its very close to dealer show room fresh. It has a little more power than the 99, and is a very fun car to drive. I have a few cars, but this one has the highest personal satisfaction to money paid ratio. Its a keeper and someday it will go to my son who also loves firebirds.