Porsche Achilles Heel - Porsche 911, 944, 924, Boxster and more


Porsche has developed a well-deserved reputation for robustness. Racing legends like Vic Elford and Brian Redman talk adoringly about the reliability and survivability of Porsches in endurance racing. And with conscientious maintenance, 911 SCs and Carreras have been known to do 300,000 miles or more between overhauls.

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I absolutely love those illustrations where you can see the inside workings of the cars. I remember looking at those for hours back in the 80’s when they seemed to be much more popular than today. I miss seeing illustrations like those, thank you for finding those great images.

Also, I suffered an exploding airbox on my '77 930. Fortunately not much damage was done, the air box puffed a bit and the snaps actually came undone …so no major damage. I have since fixed the air box, it only required some minor work that I had a Porsche specialist do for me. -pop off valve installed also!