Porsche’s silent founding partner


German architect Peter Kaiser was the first to license any Porsche for road use on December 20, 1948. As we now mark nearly 70 years since the company’s birth as a manufacturer of 356 coupes and cabriolets, set your way-back machine for 1930. Well before the VW Beetle or any sports car derivative existed in Ferdinand Porsche’s fertile imagination, he opened small office in Stuttgart, Germany, ambitiously called ‘Dr. ing. h.c. Ferdinand Porsche GmbH, Konstruktionsbüro fur Motoren und Fahrzeugbau (design office for engine and motor vehicle construction). Nine designers, including Porsche’s faithful ally Karl Rabe and his son Ferry, manned the drafting boards.

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This history is news to me, and I am glad you have brought it out. Sometimes history is not convenient or comfortable for some, but it must be faced. Having both family losses from the same folks who tormented Rosenberger and family Porsche cars, it is a dilemma.