Porsche Taycan Collectable?

So I’m going to be one of the first in my state to get the 1st all electric Porsche Taycan. Production in year one will be above 20,000 vehicles. I’m trying to decide if I should drive it for a few months then put it away for 30-40 years as an investment? Any thoughts if this is a good vehicle to invest in long term?

Personally I am always of the mindset of enjoying cars on the road how they were meant to be- driven.

That said, the Taycan is a first for Porsche, and other Porsche firsts (the Cayenne for example) tend to hold value pretty well. Maintenance and storage cost eat into potential future profits, and opportunity cost should be considered.

It is always hard to say what might increase in value over time, especially before owners have taken delivery. If you love it, it is probably worth holding onto!

Thx for your insight. Some good points to think about.