Porsche turns to 3D printing to keep old cars running


Watch any David Attenborough nature documentary and you’ll see a wide variety of animal parenting behavior. Some creatures abandon their young at the egg stage, while others remain connected for generations. Car companies are no different. Some cease support with each new model, while others maintain databases and warehouses for decades.

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This is great news and I hope it spreads to other makes and models. I don’t expect these 3D printed parts to be cheap but they’ll fill an important niche for those parts where you can’t find it on Ebay and/or don’t have time to go through through every bin at the swap meet looking for it.


The first time I heard of 3D printing I thought it was made up. I saw it in action and was blown away. The abilities of the 3D printer are endless. If I cannot find tail light for my car and the options are to either go without, or put “printed” lights on it is a no brainer to me! I too think this is great news.