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The 924 was Porsche’s most controversial car. By the company’s own admission, it polarized people from the start.

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With 924S models selling at Amelia Island and Monterey car week in 2017 for $19,900 and $20,000 or so, I can definitely see appreciation in the market.
Surely the cream of the crop is the rarely talked about 1988 924SE, Special Edition.
A Club Sport 924S if you will, with light weight and MO30 suspension design along with more horse power, and with only 500 destined for the U.S. market, shouldn’t this rare performer , bring more attention to the market? Driving experience and feedback is much more rewarding than a base 87 or 88 924S. Limited production world wide was about 1500 cars or less if I’m correct. I would estimate that less than half even exist in the U.S.
Because Porsche allowed customers to add comfort options like ac, sunroof, radio,etc, these options weighed the car down and defeated the purpose of its intentional light weight design. Porsche saved as much as approximately 7lbs by not using power side mirrors. Those without a sunroof, ac, radio, power steering, are the most desired and sought after and soon will be discovered by collectors as not many even know this model even existed ! The Porsche Club Sport racing community know this car very well and most that I have talked to in the last 2 years are on the hunt for one. It’s time the Porsche Panorama magazine, write an article about this rare and special 924SE also known as the Le Mans in Europe and sold in Spain as The Spirit ! Hagerty Insurance can’t really get a valuation price on these rare and one of a kind 924s, simply because 500 of these were destined for the U.S. market and not enough data on sales. But all it takes is one to sell very well at Amelia Island to set the pace. Maybe 2 or 3 are up for sale in the entire nation at this time and are asking $16k to $20k and frankly a bargain considering clean base models are bringing that kind of money a high end auctions like RM & Sotheby’s. I’m hanging on to my non sunroof 88 924SE for a little longer and see if finally they get the recognition they deserve! If you drive both a base 924S and a 924SE, no doubt the difference in which they perform are night and day.


1500? Only 900; 300 white and 600 black. The whites and 100 black stayed home. 500 black came to the US. Interestingy, my son an I each have an 88 SE. Email tony924s@live.com for pics. I’m putting mine up for sale soon. -Tony