Pre-Farina Austin A50

Here is my latest acquisition. 1956 Austin A50 first sold in Victoria, B.C. Canada. It was brought into the US in 1966 with a duty fee of a whopping $6.50. I do need to rebuild the brakes and interior, but it is all there and not changed much from original. I’d like to add disc brakes for safer usage.

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I love it! Such and cool and unique car to have stateside.

One interesting aspect to get used to will be the shift pattern. It is a column shift which in itself wouldn’t be problematic if the pattern was like old Chevys and Fords. This pattern is up and towards the dash for first, down and toward the dash for second, up and towards driver for third and down and towards driver for fourth. Pull end of handle and push forward to the dash and downward for reverse.