Pre-war cars present a special kind of delight


Recently I found myself looking up at the oily side of a 1929 Bentley, trying to figure out how to pull the starter. This was after wandering into my friend Craig Ekberg’s hangar, where he keeps a small fleet of immaculate old cars plus a pair of radial-engine hot rods for the sky. The Bentley is Craig’s current favorite pet, but earlier in the day, the starter went ziiing and then spat a mangled bolt into the dirt in a way that would have startled even the veteran spaniels of the Shropshire Gundog Society. Without first thinking about how an 88-year-old Bentley might be different from, say, a Honda Civic, I said, “Don’t you just unbolt it from the bell housing?” Craig waved a plastic cup of pinot in the direction of the Bentley and invited me to have at it.

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