Purchasing the cheapest vehicle in Monterey and living to tell the tale


I will never be able to gloat about buying a car on the coveted Top 10 Monterey Sale list. After all, the top sale this year was the Ferrari GTO that brought $48,400,000. Second? A $22M Duesenberg SSJ. Even the “cheap seats”—Nos. 9 and 10—tied at a paltry $4,515,000 each. I suspect they had to be quite pedestrian, judging by their sales prices.

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I was in the room as well sitting on my hands so I didn’t have to explain to my wife how I just came home with a Suburban that we obviously didn’t have room for.

The knocking noise could be piston slap. I’ve encountered a lot of Vortec 350s that make that noise until they warm up. Never had it become anything beyond an annoyance though.


I saw you bidding on this and was thinking what the hell is he doing?? That’s a '98 Suburban… am I missing something here??

Super interesting to understand the full circle story with this one and I actually did nearly the same thing buying a '96 Sierra with 109k miles as a second cheap truck on hand to use as a truck… in reality the only hauling my '17 Sierra Denali does is hauling my butt to work and back and occasionally my trailer so I can relate.


Hi Greg as you can see I exercised no such restraint. As for the knocking noise to clarify this Suburban luckily has none. Smooth and quiet as can be. My brother in law simply warned me that ones that have put coolant in the oil will often have wiped out bearings. Thankfully the oil here was clean and the intake leak caught before it became anything more. Had this rig needed an engine I think even I may have waved a white flag. Take care,


You made a good buy, and have a sturdy vehicle! I bought a 1999 with 55k miles over 12 years ago, now has 208k miles, and my only complaint is the squishy brake pedal that Chevy trucks of that series were famous for. The original owner spent $3800 for his 55k miles and I’ve spent $11997 for my 153k miles, not including insurance and registration. No engine or transmission or AC repairs either. Rattles? Turn up the volume on the radio. I expect to drive this tank either to it’s grave or mine. Many happy miles to you!