Queen Elizabeth’s 1984 Daimler Double Six is one royal ride

Imagine the Queen Mum behind the wheel of a 1984 Daimler Double Six Series 3 Long-Wheelbase Saloon, intently peering over the steering wheel and gunning it through the streets of London or carving up a British carriageway—or, better yet, testing her driving skills at Shelsley Walsh or the Goodwood Motor Circuit.

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Try as he might, Prince Philip wasn’t able to roll this one over.

The Queen Mum was the Sovereign’s mother, not QEII. No charge.

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I was confused by the article as well. SO it was owned by the queen, not queen mum, right? The photo is of the queen behind the wheel.

You do know that this is the Sitting Queen’s car, and that woman was an Ambulance driver during WWII so she was more than likely capable of getting everything this car has out of it and she would look like a lady while doing it.

I believe that during WWII the young princess Elizabeth also worked as an Army mechanic, so she’s probably qualified to do a little wrenching on that Daimler.

Beat me to it! Confused the hell out of me to start.

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A fine lady of fond memory

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