Question of the Week: Do you name your cars?

Owning and maintaining cars is akin to being in a relationship with an inanimate object. In keeping with that relationship, many enthusiasts personify their vehicles that much more by giving their beloved steel and rubber a name. We want to know how popular this practice is. So, do you name your cars?

It can be a trying relationship, but a relationship none -the-less, that we have with our beloved vehicles. Adding a name is a personal touch and can often make identifying one car easier if you have a garage full of similar makes and models. Though most folks we have met trend towards female names, there are also a good number of those who go with male names or non-traditional names like sunset or tweety.

So let’s hear it. Do you name your cars? If so, what is the name of your favorite ride?


Yes, I do.

Although some might yank my “car guy” card from me for admitting it.

A brief introduction to the Davis livery, for those of you who haven’t been acquainted yet:

The most well-known, and popular, is of course, Herbie:
Named for obvious reasons, of course, and just as temperamental in real-life as in the movies.
Not a 63, rather a 69 with the not too common autostick feature.

If you are looking for a 63, meet Christine, the boy’s Corvair. However; he calls her Helga.
Obviously, I call her Christine because dark maroon classic American piece of metal (even if it isn’t necessarily the right brand.) It never killed anybody that we know of, but he is adamant that it won’t kill him, perhaps why he calls it Helga instead. For those of you keeping score, she is a Powerglide automatic convertible.

Despite Helga being a Germanic sounding name, and applied to a non-Germanic ride, the livery boasts another vehicle from Herbie’s lineage, that being Old Blue. He isn’t the oldest in the livery, but he is the oldest blue thing in the livery, so the title fits him. 5 speed, straight stick. Did toy around the idea with calling him Bugs, like Bugs Bunny (since he is a rabbit pickup truck.) But, if you say Old Blue, people know who you are talking to or about.


That tears it for the 20th century part of the livery. Here’s Mary, my wife’s 2004 Lincoln Navigator. We usually call it The Navi. The thing is that huge. Automatic, 4 WD, 8 cylinder v8 with an appetite for gasoline that would make any muscle car owner take notice.

Apologies for the stock photo, it’s what I have readily available.

For those of you not schooled in American History, Mary Lincoln was the 16th president’s wife.


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Some cars I name some I don’t. In 2008 I bought my 1932 Chevy 5-Window Coupe. The car was drivable but needed a full restoration. The seller had told me that the left rear wheel was bent. On the drive home passing motorists would point to the wheel as it wobbled down the road. At home I decided to remedy the problem by taking off the bent wheel and putting on the spare. As I took off the hubcap I quickly realized the wheel wasn’t bent - ALL FIVE LUGNUTS were loose. I could turn them with my fingers. I tightened the lugnuts and all was fine. I named the car LUCWHEEL.


Oh yes. Currently driving the BatMobile (black Prius V) and hub drives the RadioFlyer (BRIGHT red Prius V whose plate reads “RADIO”). Previous cars were Plum (purple Odyssey) and Pepper (green CRV, both named by our then-toddler), Before that, Spot-appropriately named for her Bondo and primer, and Otis, my first car ever, a Celica held together with duct tape.

Yes I call my latest restoration Mistress or should I say that the name my wife gave it, as it took me 3 yrs to restore.I sent lots of time in my shop working of her so she called it my mistress.


I have a 91 420 SEL that I bought in Houston. This is a very large care and my kids thought I looked like an oil baron ( I was working in the oil business at the time) the car became known as the Baron.

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I have a 1970 Mustang convertible named Maverick.

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I call my 1972 Buick Centurion convertible “The Beast”.

1960 Ford F-100 is called “Betty Lou”. 1967 AMC Marlin is called “Marlene”. 1963 Galaxie is called “Galaxia”. 1969 Road Runner is called “Road Ruster”. 1963 Austin Healey Sprite is called “Tron”. 1974 Ford Capri is called “The Yellow Turd”. Ha!

Only the loved ones. I always believed that objects of speed and beauty should be referred to in the feminine. I had a Audi 100CS Quattro, naturally named Suzy.

Currently I own a '74 Jaguar E-type V12 roadster, Regency Red with tan leather. Her name is ‘Elizabeth.’ When I tell people they occasionally say, “Oh how nice, she’s named after the Queen!” To which I reply, “Nope, she is named after the most beautiful woman in the world - Elizabeth Taylor.”

Always gets a smile and occasionally begins the debate on the most beautiful woman in the world. Tastes vary.


Absolutely, Built a Nova in my driveway in Georgia during the summer,
The car was named “Sweat Equity”

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95 XJS named “JJ” (it was rough when we got it so Wife called it Junk Jag)
85 XJ6 named “Jude”
73 Spitfire named “Titus”
69 E Type name “Jason”
68 Bug named “Domino” (white and black accents)
66 Cortina GT named “Cort”
65 Jag Mk10 limo named “The Lady”
64 Bug with surface rust all over we call “Rusty”
63 Bug show car we call “Splash”
63 Trug (that s Bug truck) we call “Elliot”
61 Ford Galaxie 2 door we call “Lazarus” (pulled from a junk yard)
58 Ford wagon we call “Beau”


I’ve given all my collector cars the same name, Money Pit.


LOL soooo true Right to the point

My family has a long and sometimes tedious tradition of passing down the given names to the eldest males. Our shared moniker is “Don”, except for my grandson who was blessed with “Donavan”.

Anyway, when I completed the restoration of my 1959 Alfa 2000 Touring Roadster, its appeal to ladies, young and old, led to it being named “Don Juan”.

As I was struggling to perfect the restoration of my ‘72 Alfa Montreal, a lady friend tagged him with “Don Awannago”

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Meet WALTOR named for Walter P. Chrysler


2005 Prius. Melvin
2009 Prius. Calvin
2014 Prius. Alvin
2000 M Coupe. Walther
2018 Outback. Merry

Not all of them, but I did a frame-off total rebuild of a '29 Ford AA flatbed truck that was in really sad shape when we first brought it home. 3+ years later, when we finally put it back on the road, we christened it “Lazarus.”


First car was Whitey Ford, a Fairmont (it was beige, but Gramps was a big Yankee fan)
Current car is Alice Sheldon Cooper, a Mini Cooper