Question of the Week: How do you get your car out of storage?

Long Beach, California, 1980 - 85. I was in the Navy, and it’s the most dangerous place I visited, including Bahrain. I’ve heard it’s been somewhat cleaned up, though.

Beautiful, thank you for sharing

Yes…storage…its used to be a big deal but now its just a waste of space…I’ve had enough of the things that come with a seasonal car, its time to get it out of storage and sell it… Still, I’d like to get it out for one last drive before l put the for sale sign in the window and park it the end of my driveway…It’s been 10 years since we owned it and every year since I have gotten older and haven’t had that feeling of the need for it anymore…so if your in the market for an 1989 Mustang GT convertible ( slightly used the last 3 years) let me know…It’s still got a few miles left in it but I’m not willing to do that…

YES…I do the same basic steps, and it’s worked well the last 4-5 years.

If the weather is clear AND dry I drive my Impala all winter…It gets started and driven at least once every seven days. It’s now 23 years old…must be the right tonic …

Keep moisture out of your vehicle and protect your interior, head liner, door cards etc. Whether stored for winter or sitting in sweltering summer sun, humidity and temp changes are a danger unless you use a non-silica gel desiccant.