Question of the week: Manual or automatic transmission?

I have a E-Type roadster with a manual 4 speed and can’t imagine it would be as fun to drive with a automatic transmission. For the family sedan auto is the way to go.

I own a 55 Chevy 2, Dr. Ht, It has a 400 horse 350 w/ a 411 Posi and a 5-speed trans and tri-power let me tell you there’s not a better feeling than going through the gears in a nostalgic car like this. I think you lose the feeling of driving, downshifting around corners and stuff. I taught my grand son how to drive this car, and he loved it!! ( Oh, by the way, I’m 80 years old and I’m going to be dead a long time so I’m going to enjoy myself while I’m still here!!)!


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It was obliquely mentioned in the comments and even more summarily dismissed…

Both, in the form of VW’s automatic stick shift.

But, I will echo other people’s comments it kind of depends on what you’re doing.

Parades and traffic are built for automatics. I’m sure VW’s venerable semi auto tranny would fare well with those as well.

Need a rolling start option?

Have a desire to peel out?

Then you have to have a manual.

I’ve taught my boy how to drive a manual… He can do it, although he doesn’t care for it. I gave up trying to teach the wife a manual.

I am also probably echoing other’s sentiments that the newest vehicles in the livery tend to be automatics.

I know of no hybrid vehicle that is a straight stick. It’d be something to see, though.

Anyhow, here are some obligatory pictures of the livery at the Davis homestead.

You guess which is auto, which is autostick, and which is manual…



Apologies for the last image, couldn’t find any pictures of the wife’s car, so that is a stock photo. Hers is the same year and color.

Auto with a manual/automatic valve body, 2400 rpm stall. I like manual transmission, but the cars I currently have auto trans. I like a manual for twisty roads, but seeing as most of what I do is in a straight line, , bumping up through the gears with my floor mounted auto is almost as fun, and the stripes left when I hit 2nd and 3rd are fun no matter how many pedals it takes to do it.

Besides that, it’s just as much fun to launch an car with a good auto.

Hot Rods got to have 3 pedals!!

Before I purchased my 49 Olds coupe, my plan was to install a Muncie.

So much more exciting to drive. All 49 Olds with the Rocket 303 V8 were assemble with the Hydramatic Trans. because Olds did not hav a stout enough manual trans.

For everyday driving the automatic wins hands down. I currently live in metro Detroit and wind up in hours long traffic jams due to accidents in construction zones. A clutch can be really hard on the left knee, especially if you have had an injury. However, I had an e-type Jaguar that would not have been anywhere near as much fun with out the stick.

Pop the clutch
Pop the hand brake

You have to ask?