Question of the Week: Recommend a car project for those who can’t leave home

With most of the world moving towards folks self-quarantining due to ongoing health scares, now might be a great time to tackle a project you have been putting off. What better way to capitalize on free time than to hole up in the garage and spend some time with a classic? Help us build a list of perfect projects for those stuck at home by leaving a suggestion in the Hagerty Forums.

Many of us have tools and parts stashed for that project we have been meaning to get to, or one that we’ve been flat-out avoiding for one reason or another. Maybe there is a different item that didn’t even make it onto your to-do list but has instead been haunting the back of your mind like the ghost of projects past.

There is certainly work to be done here. (photo Kyle Smith)

Either way, let this post serve as a reminder to go out in the garage or driveway and spend some time with your car. Tell us what you will be working on, or share an idea for someone else who might have to spend some time alone. We’ll compile the top ideas into an article next week.

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Spring cleaning! The vehicle and the garage can all use a good clean up this or any time of the year.

Insulate your garage if you have one!

Isn’t it still cold up in Michigan, Kyle?


My Miata could use a timing belt, the one in there doesn’t have the miles on it but it does have the years. I have promised a bunch of people rides this Summer so I would like the security of the job being done and not hanging over my head when I’m out on the road with a friend.

Also I really need to do brake fluid changes on all the cars, and transmission oil changes on two cars. It’s like owning a boat, there is always something to do.

I would suggest NOT sticking with a stock Honda or Toyota. Otherwise you are generally left with nothing more than routine maintenance tasks to tend to. I don’t think that is going to cut it if you are going to be locked down in the garage for any significant amount of time.

I agree square away the garage and detail the cars for the spring runs, oil change, tire rotation etc.

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For my ‘65 Impala, I’m going to install sound deadening under the carpet, behind the seats and under the headliner. This is prep to add AC. Oh, and I need to change the oil.

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When owning vintage cars, one has a tendency to accumulate parts when you find them. I’ve been meaning to label a lot of this stuff so my heirs will know it’s not just so much scrap.


Already detailed the cars for spring, guess I will go out to the shop and install tie rod ends in the TVR.

About 2 months ago I realized I needed to repair the water pump in my Delorean, weather has been mild so went about ordering parts and taking m time and doing it in a 3 week span. When I went to start it it wouldn’t, finally got it running but was very rough, when it warmed up was okay, turned it off but now wouldn’t when hot. Finally figured out the problem, leak at the fuel pump and system wouldn’t pressurize, changed out fuel lines. Now all is okay and ready for the nice weather, perfect timing.

I own a 60 year-old British sports car. I never have to think up projects to do. “If it’s not one thing, it’s ALL the things”.


I have a long term restoration project in a 56 New Yorker St Regis. Hopefully the extra time will let me fast forward the schedule a little bit.

I have several cars so there is always plenty to keep me occupied, I’ve been getting them all pretty with a complete beauty treatment - wash, clay, polish, wax and seal.

I’ve been stripping my '70 Grand Prix with a heat gun and a razor blade. Time consuming, but its good use of my spare time.

I think I’ll be tackling a clutch replacement in my 9” trac-lok for the 64 Galexie. Turns out they don’t last very long if you torture them in a burnout contest. (For the records I would never do anything malicious to a vehicle insured by the great folks of Hagerty; and a fresh set of lock up clutches last about 4 min.)

A differential job is a perfect starter for a 2 week staycation. If all works out well you can have that new gear size, locker, or needed refresh and still have a day or two to piss the neighborhood off testing in the driveway.

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My 12yo just reminded me we need to build the 1200cc for his bug and pull the 74 motor out. Hope my boys at AppleTree are still shipping parts😉

Amazon delivering small items for the to-do list. Cleaning up the engine bay. Installed headers last week that have been sitting here for months. :wink:

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Rust remediation for you classic Subaru owners. Lol A lot of you know the struggle all too well, especially you SF/SG and GC/GM owners. And there are patch panels out there to make the job easier. image

Time to dump-out, sort-out, and put-away all the stuff in that 5 gallon pail of nuts, bolts, washers, clips, etc.
The one in your shop that has been collecting loose hardware for years.