Question of the Week: Recommend a car project for those who can’t leave home

I ordered rocker panels for my wife’s '06 G6. Guess I can shorten the timeline of the job now.

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  • finishing Holley Terminator X install on 408 '69 Mustang fastback
  • Putting a ton of accumulated parts on ebay

Get something British from the 60’s-70’s - It’ll constantly need repairing anyway!

I dont have a garage and all 4 of my cars are under 2 feet of snow so build a garage.
Also Gavin Newsom our governor is pretty much losing his mind over this cold pandemic, so here in Cali. We’re not allowed to go outside. All outside is now illegal in california.

@01ksdavis - Still a bit brisk, but I am working on a new shop space right now. Lots of insulation going into walls in my evenings, not a lot of working on cars. Should be ready for the cars to come home soon!

At this rate, next winter wont be cold at all…