Question of the Week: Speed or style?


I think just owning and driving is good enough !


Even though my '31 Model A Tudor has twice the horsepower of my '26 Model T Touring car, I’ll have to go with style.:sunglasses:


Here’s the T.


I prefer style although I’d like to get more power out of my 73 Mustang.


Depends ogn what you have to start with. My 1965 Mini Cooper was a complete car when I bought it so I went with a complete blueprints rebuild. It’s is fast enough. However, one of the AH Bug Eye Sprites had no running gear which means a small V8 could power it and not take an original complete car out of circulation. We need to preserve original cars for style and the ones that are less than original let’s have fun with and go fast.


I am pretty neutral, I like the best of both worlds. My 64 Galaxie growls and is a great looker.


I was the kid that built the model cars without the motor, so I go after style over speed.


Style, it looks good but only has the 6 cylinder SRT6 it does get attention and the wife loves it!


This has a little of each, the last of an era with just enough out of the 351C.


Style all day. I don’t need to go fast to look good.


I know that Chrysler did an SRT-6 Crossfire. Is an SRT-6 Challenger really a thing? Didn’t think they’d bother.


I can appreciate a beautiful car, but at the end of the day it’s all about the driving experience for me. The grin and butterflies-in-the-stomach effect I get from being behind the wheel of a truly quick car is far more intense than any feeling I get from gawking at something parked at a show.


Something I made up myself to give it some flash.


yes it is. Love the car.


Not as fast as the newer Mustangs, but in my mind, more stylish.


If were to own a Mustang
this would be the one!


Thanks. Had one when I was 17 and sold it after 2 years of fun! Just had to have another…


I go for fun, whether it’s speed or style that gets you there or a little of each, that’s my kind of ride.


The obvious answer is both but when we go to purchase a car, particularly classic and collector cars, we chose one for its style first, the speed can always be added later. Now when it comes to the restoration process, it’s always more important to me that a car performs well first and then address the cosmetics as time and funds allow!


Well, it used to be speed, but now it is style. Not because I’m older – because my cars still have to be quick – but its too hard (read: $$$$$$) to compete with modern day factory speed “demons” [pun intended]. In the day, it was fun to blow by a brand new corvette and embarrass the owner in your 30yr old car… but today, I can’t begin to afford what it would take to make a now 50 yr old car blow by a new Z06. So… I have succumbed to style over (ultimate) speed.