Question of the Week: Speed or style?


I think I got a nice blend of both


Would have to say Style, nostalgia, and detail, before speed. It kinda depends on the car. Gimme a 50 Chevy fastback and I’ll be happy with a six (maybe more cubes than original), dual carbs, and dual exhaust, with a 5 speed. Gimme a Vette and I’m gonna want some “grunt”.
For me, generally, it’s mostly about detail and quality of build.


It is a combination of both for me. I like the styling but its still quick & fun to drive. Speed doesn’t mean it has to be the fastest out there


@c220rizzo - Nice looking SVO!




Style is everything. Here in So. Cal. you can’t drive fast anyway. ……Jim.


At my age (70), I guess I’m kind of in the “Look fast, go slow” category. I want my cars to be interesting enough to encourage people to look but reliable, comfortable and practical enough to take those cross country cruises I like to make.


It’s not the fastest car on the street, but it gets me around.


I like the aftermarket side exhaust pipes you are using. Have you ever got a leg burn getting out?


Exactly my feeling; the fastest muscle car from the early 1960’s - 1971 would be tempting to drive hard but my 2002 BMW M3 which was the most amazing driving enthusiasts car for 60k & it’s faster & handled better than any 60’s Muscle car, & won’t drop the transmission onto the road if driven hard, I don’t understand having the most badass Muscle car from 50 years ago & then actually driving it like it’s not an appreciable asset that’s old, beautiful classic whatever but it’s still 50 years old…