Question of the Week: Speed or style?


I think I got a nice blend of both


Would have to say Style, nostalgia, and detail, before speed. It kinda depends on the car. Gimme a 50 Chevy fastback and I’ll be happy with a six (maybe more cubes than original), dual carbs, and dual exhaust, with a 5 speed. Gimme a Vette and I’m gonna want some “grunt”.
For me, generally, it’s mostly about detail and quality of build.


It is a combination of both for me. I like the styling but its still quick & fun to drive. Speed doesn’t mean it has to be the fastest out there


@c220rizzo - Nice looking SVO!




Style is everything. Here in So. Cal. you can’t drive fast anyway. ……Jim.


At my age (70), I guess I’m kind of in the “Look fast, go slow” category. I want my cars to be interesting enough to encourage people to look but reliable, comfortable and practical enough to take those cross country cruises I like to make.


It’s not the fastest car on the street, but it gets me around.


I like the aftermarket side exhaust pipes you are using. Have you ever got a leg burn getting out?


Exactly my feeling; the fastest muscle car from the early 1960’s - 1971 would be tempting to drive hard but my 2002 BMW M3 which was the most amazing driving enthusiasts car for 60k & it’s faster & handled better than any 60’s Muscle car, & won’t drop the transmission onto the road if driven hard, I don’t understand having the most badass Muscle car from 50 years ago & then actually driving it like it’s not an appreciable asset that’s old, beautiful classic whatever but it’s still 50 years old…


I have a question for fellow owners of classic cars as I am new to this website etc. I have a 1975 bricklin sv1 gull wing doors etc. It has 3188 original miles in safety orange color. The issue is that apparently either the factory or the dealer hand painted pinstripes down both sides of the car across the fender, door and quarters. I personally do not like the way the pin stripes look. However, the pinstripes apparently came with the car as original. Would the car be worth more as a collectible with or without those cheesy looking hand painted pinstripes? A part of me wants to sand them off. Yet, I do not want to wake a possible mistake if the stripes (cheesy or not) add value to the car. Thanks.


That’s a really low mileage 75!
Those stripes might have been dealer applied. It could be the previous owner might have thought the stripes added flair. Many like to personalize their rides. There are many Bricklin photo’s on the internet and some show modifications. There are also Bricklin factory photo’s. I sure do not see pinstripes in any photo. I’d feel comfortable removing them if I had the skills. It’s doubtful the value will be affected unless the paint is damaged in the process.
I always thought Bricklins were cool looking cars. You sure don’t see them very often!


This is some imitation or dealer-special package. There was no official SRT6 Challenger from Chrysler.


Since the first thing you notice about a car is its physical appearance, style is of paramount importance, but if you can have both style and speed and still compete with modern day cars you can have the best of both worlds. My freshly restored '72 De Tomaso Pantera with a 500+hp powerplant, I think, fits both bills very nicely. Truly a beast on the road and a timeless gorgeous Italian wedge design that still looks contemporary after 50 years.