Question of the Week: Tell us the best car commercial

For non-sports fans, the Super Bowl is all about the ads. Sadly, last week’s big game left car enthusiasts a bit underwhelmed when it came to new car advertisements. It all made the Hagerty staff think about some of our favorite car commercials from years gone by.


Ridiculous to mundane, automotive advertising is literally as old as the car itself. Selling points have ranged from appearance to performance, and everything in between. Some of the best ads might have not told buyers much about the car at all, the ad was merely selling the lifestyle of the car.

Does that make it good, and who did it best? We want to hear your take. Tell us in a comment below the commercial you think is automotive advertising at its best.

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Has to be the classic vw beetle snow plow driver spot. DDB Needham ad agency at its best.

“Ever wonder what kind of car the snowplow driver uses to get to work?”

And it cuts to a beetle driving through blizzard like conditions and parking next to a snow plow. The driver gets out of the bug, climbs into the plow, and drives off in the plow.

It’s still out there on YouTube

Their countless magazine ads are collected by many a vw nut.

I have the one for the automatic stick shift.

I also have the one that says “its ugly, but it gets you there.” With a picture of the lunar landing module.

The harlequin beetle ad (parts from various color beetles over various years."

And several others…

Oh wait, back to tv spots. I admit, I kind of liked that one vw ran with the young kid who thought he was Darth Vader and could remote start the vw.

That was pretty cool.



I hope that you receive a high number of responses to this question as I feel like I have now forgotten more car commercials than I have seen to begin with over the years.

If car insurance commercials can be included then I give high marks to Hagerty for the commercial featuring a grandfather taking his granddaughter out for a drive in his old Bronco. The sentiments captured in that spot always puts a smile on my face.


I still get a warped kick out of this “unsanctioned” vid…

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It has to be SNL’s parody of 1973 Mercury Marquis where Cartier jeweler splits a diamond perfectly, but in SNL’s version a Rabbi performs a circumcision in the back seat of smooth riding but fictitious Royale Deluxe II. I believe it was with the original Not Ready for Prime Time cast.
2nd best are all the Mazda Zoom-Zoom commercials about 18 years ago: My daughter was less than a year old and anytime a Mazda commercial would air, she’d stop what she was doing and stare at the TV. That included dropping the bottle to pay attention. ahh, good times.

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Paul Harvey and the farmer, Ram!

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Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.


Unfortunately the Canadian channels simulcasted over the US channels and we in the great white north were not allowed to view the US ads but had to suffer thru a bunch of lame ads .
Censorship at its finest.

AMC , advertising the AMX/ Javelin . there were two that came out, one with a driver missing his racing glove before the start of the race and busting through all the other cars at the start… .and the other , along the same lines, when the son drove in to the family driveway with a big “blower” popping out of the hood of their brand new Javelin, The father calmly told his son to wait right there, promptly called his wife, the mother of the teenage kid , to come down and see how their son “RUINED the CAR”, Still laugh to this day… JK

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Most Anything with Joe Isuzu in it. I love the mixture of both dry humor and absurd personality those commercials had. My particular favorite was the Isuzu Impuse ad where he fires a gun, gets in the car, runs over a bunch of traffic cones (my favorite part), then outruns the bullet and catches it in his teeth to make you think the Impulse is fast (of course it is anything BUT). I miss the days when companies could make fun of themselves with tongue-in-cheek ads. Automotive advertising today by and large is a desert wasteland of non-creativity.


I personally always liked the one for the 4th gen Camaro, with the 2 boys sitting on the bedroom floor listening to the sound of cars going by outside, and guessing what kind. Next would be the MKV GTI un-pimp z auto ads.

One TV commercial was Mazda “Zoom Zoom”.
And one magazine Porsche ad - “Sticks like peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth”

In a discussion like this, we HAVE to mention all the VW commercials from the 60’s and 70’s. Even when the Rabbit came out, we got the North Carolina trooper saying “Y’all watch yoself in this part of Noth Carolina, heah?”

Motorcycles aren’t cars, but they are motor vehicles, so I want to mention the great Kawasaki commercial where the “Kawasaki Makes The Good Times Roll” jingle was sung in the background of a montage of people enjoying their bikes, including the trail rider who disappeared, bike and all, into a huge puddle. THAT is a commercial you remember always, and remember what they are advertising.

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I’m a fan of the mid-2000’s VW “my fast” commercials. The one where the guys has to decide between pick up and delivery is hilarious.

I also like the old “like a rock” Chevrolet commercials. In one in particular they dropped a bag of “sand” into the back of a Chevy truck. The truck’s suspension definitely bottomed out and may have busted the rear end. I still think about my grandpa’s “har har har” laugh at that commercial.

Barbara Feldon and Lucy the tiger touting the '65 GTO convertible.

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I like the SSR soap commercial used in the super bowl years ago
Reminds me of what I thought the first time I watched the operation of the convertible top.

An expression I still enjoy hearing whenever I drop the top on mine! Or just the amazed/puzzled look in peoples faces!


For me, it’s that 16-second long 2006 Porsche 928 commercial taking the car from 0-60-0 in 9 seconds, when all other models were boasting only their 0-60 acceleration time.

MG falling from the plane with the parachute was pretty good, I still remember it. Also the TR7, the shape of things to come with triangle garages…

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Think it was a Javelin commercial. Guy driving it kept getting challenged to drag race when he stopped at traffic lights… Finally told one of those drivers no, that he had a bowl of goldfish on the front seat!