Question of the Week: Tell us the best car commercial

Hummer “Little Monster” commercial for the H3 … monsters fall in love and create a little beast.

The most famous ad ran only once, during Super Bowl XL in 2006. A Godzilla-style monster and a robot of similar scale meet, stomp through the city and fall in love. Then they give birth — to a sport-utility vehicle named H3. Cue up “Love Is Strange” and the punch line, “It’s a little monster.”

Those are all great, but one of the Top 5 has got to be this oldy from Dodge.

VW is well mentioned here & I think they are very smart marketers. I remember their ad “keeping up with the Jones” who were the next door neighbours that got a new car every year. Every year they got a new VW Bug and did not suffer financially for the dream of affording a shining new car every year. This suggestion got me into many VW cars over the years & every one of was a great drive for the money!! :smile_cat:

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‘Fire the chauffeur!’

For you Porsche peeps…a little humor!

Mine has to be the Corvette Heaven commercial where a young lad starts saving money for a Corvette only to be denied by having his funds diverted to buy a new bicycle, help restore a burned out senior centre, buy an engagement ring, buy braces for his daughter, and new furniture for the house. Then after retirement he has a corvette in his sights and he gets a heart attack crossing the street to the Chevy dealership. But it ends happy as he gets to drive his C6 in heaven. Really makes you smile, though at times you might want to cry!!!

So hard to pick just one! I will go with this one…

Believe it or not, I still remember Lawrence Welk and his Dodge commercials.

Hard to believe no one suggested the 1984 Volkswagen GTI commercial with the old Ronnie and the Daytonas song “Little GTO” revised to “Kleiner GTI”. Macht mir spass anlasst. (Makes me smile awhile) ;>)

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My favorite is the ad for the 1970 GTO, “The Humbler” that debuted the now rare option VOE which would add HP by opening more exhaust flow via a vacuum can with the pull of a dash knob.
I bought my 1970 (no VOE) :pensive:, in Apr. 1974 from the original owner, and still love driving it today with 153,000 miles.

Doug E.

Port Dover, ON

just a glimpse, but a '55 Chevy always get me!

This is a commercial currently running on TV; it’s about some kind of prescription drug. I didn’t pay attention to what it was trying to sell but. it has three 427 AC cobra’s on a overlook on maybe the West Coast Highway.

Does anyone else remember the VW Corrado “Beetle Drop” commercial. The one that states “There are two ways to make a Volkswagen go 225 km/hr”. Look it up on YouTube.

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The VW only comes in standard transmission, but after a few days, it become automatic.
Also, when you need to carry cargo, get a box. (VW van)

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My guess would be viagra or cialis or some other ed med…


Absolutely and forever going to be the George Washington Challenger commercial.

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To many great ones but if I had to choose the Ferrari Shell commercial will always be one of my favorites.

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Not from the US but I’d spend good money for the “smart” car in this commercial…

Trunk Monkey series. Hilarious. Dealer ads, but super none the less.

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This is easy; The greatest car commercial of all time was made in Australia I believe and it featured the 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 LTD (The greatest vehicle of all time, of course). Google it, or whatever you generation X geeks do nowadays… It’s awesome!

The brand new American Family Insurance with the boy with the Hot Wheels morphing into an adult with the Mustang of his dreams. How many of us have gone from Hot Wheels to Real Wheels. Story of my life.

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