Question of the Week: Tell us the best sticker package

Automotive design is an art form, but some vehicles get a little bump of cool with an options package that adds some stick-on style. Stickers are frowned upon by some enthusiasts, but the perfect sticker package is anything but tacky. We want to know which car (or truck) sports the slickest graphics package.

When manufacturers need to add some flair but the paint booth is full, they break out the adhesive. Wild colors and intricate designs can be churned out easily and quickly added to cars on the assembly line. Whether denoting a performance model or dressing up a budget-friendly base model, stickers and vinyl graphics have their place in modern car production.

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Of all the cars with stickers or die-cut graphics, there has to be one that rises above the rest. Tell us which one in the comments below and we will tally up the results and tell you the winner next week.

If by best you mean absurd, then the Martini 924 was a triumph of sticker engineering

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My vote goes to the Boss 302, any year and the AAR 'Cuda.
Although, none of these were stickers added to any Trim Series.
The Spirit of America Chevy series and similar Ford execution on early 70s Mustangs were decent too.


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My vote is for the 72 Javelin sst c- stripe. It was bold and flowed with the beautiful lines of the car.A2M797P3XXXXX

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I’m going with the obvious - the Trans Am from the 70s. Can’t beat that screaming chicken!Rob Howard's Trans Am


More specifically: the 1976 Trans Am SE package. Great color combo and excellent integration with the body styling.


Iconic: Trans Am Phoenix


My vote has got to be the '67 GT500, especially in black and gold. In overall design and execution, I consider the '67 GT500 to be THE high point in the Mustang’s history. Bonus points if it’s got the fabled 427 instead of the Police Interceptor 428. :sunglasses:

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Maybe you should ask what’s the worst sticker car? I don’t like any cars old or new with stickers of any kind. If a car or truck can’t stand on its own design, then stickers won’t make it a better design. I do admit liking the BMW art cars, but that’s a totally different game.

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International Scouts in the late 70’s had some of the best integrated stripe packages that looked like they belonged on them…Especially the Rallye stripes…

The Trans Am screaming chicken. Probably the most iconic graphics packages of all time. Show a non car person a picture of the 'bird, and even they’ll know what it is.

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I have to go with the 69 AMC SC Rambler, although mostly a paint package, who can resist a smile at the scoop that says “AIR” plus the arrow decal in front of the scoop showing which way the air flows into the scoop and declaring the 390 Cu. In. engine directly underneath. The 1970 AMC Rebel “Machine” is a close second. Both were pretty cheeky of AMC.


Guys, how about the Ford trucks of the ‘70’s with their Freewheelin’ package. The '79 Bronco had one of the most elaborate stickers of all time. (asides from the canopy section), They covered probably 70% of the vehicle AND were chromatic! Yeah, much like traffic signs… they actually almost glowed in the dark when lights hit them!!! Whether you like ‘em or not… These have GOT TO BE the absolute king of the stripe packages. I dare anyone to try name something more intense than Ford’s chromatic Freewheelin’ decal package.


I am partial to the laser stripe on my '73 Ford Grand Torino Sport.

The small and discreet roadrunner stickers on the 69 roadrunner.


That’s easy - any woodgrain decal on any staion wagon. Especially the 80’s Chrysler LeBaron.


I think, hands down (and I’m not even a Pontiac guy) it has to be the previously names screaming chicken. I’m sure it wasn’t called that at the dealership, though.

Most of these others are pinstripes or weren’t nearly as prevalent as the screaming chicken.


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Any year Boss 302 wins hands down. Subtle yet accentuating on an already muscular package.

I had a new 77 F150 in red with that package. The interiors that came with the package were pretty cool also. The bench seat was black vinyl with silver inserts and red piping. A real eye popper.