Question of the Week: Tell us the car with the best factory spoiler

Normally a car getting you down is not something to highlight, but downforce is too cool to ignore. Racing has long been an influence on production cars, including homologation specials that unapologetically smuggle racetrack styling onto the road. This week in the Hagerty Forums, we want to hear which car you think is wingin’ it just right.

The original spoilers and wings were all function, with little consideration for form. As time passed it seems as though many enthusiasts began to embrace the look and production designers became more artful with integrating downforce elements into the designs of cars. Even a few trucks got in on the game—we’re looking at you, Ram.

With decades of cars to choose from, this might be a difficult choice. However, we think there might be a few standouts in many minds. So let us know your choice and of course check back next week for a list highlighting the crowd favorites.

Any whaletail Porsche.

That old nascar roadrunner.

Conversely, any of the more modern 21st century vehicles with speed adjusting spoilers… thinking the Chrysler Crossfire, and some others including some of the newer Porsches.

My favorite is the duck tale spoilers on the first gen Camaros along with a chin spoiler, it adds so much to the cars attitude.


My vote’s for the Mustang 2 Shelby body package’s spoiler. It looked so cool, it fooled a lot of people into buying a really lame car :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


1993 SVT Mustang Cobra!

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Is this a joke? 2012 Fiat 500 Sport, of course

The Mark Donohue Javelin spoiler.


Mark Donohue, of course. On a ‘70 model AMX.


For me the only car that looks good with a tail, is the Porsche… and even then, only the whaletail. The ducktail does nothing for me… and as for the rest of the cars out there with spoilers, they all look like shopping cart handles to me.

If ‘best’ is defined as ‘most outrageous’, then the Daytona and Superbird cars have to win. Imagine people in 69 and 70 buying one of these cars to take to the shopping mall or grocery store? Crazy. All others look pedestrian in comparison.


91 or 92 Camaro Z28 coupe. Not outrageous but sleek and goes along with the new gfx for the 91 and 92 camaros.

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Yes @cestor01, it’s the only part of my wife’s Fiat 500 that hasn’t broken!!

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My 1970 Mustang is what I like !!

I can tell you the worst looking one is on the super bird and super bee.
The only ones I like are on the 67 camaro Cherokee factory show car… (it was not production) and C3 corvettes, they are both built in to the tail panel.

I always liked the 3 piece rear spoiler on the 2nd gen Camaro. It was a nice progression from the earlier 1 piece spoilers.

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Gen 2 Camaro and Firebird. Not necessarily because it is the best design, but without it, the cars look naked. It really changes the personality and appearance of the car.


The 1969 Big Bad Orange, Green & Blue Javelins had an optional roof spoiler. Not sure if it did anything, looks more like a wind deflector like on the roof of a station wagon to help keep the back window clean, but I still like it. The 71-74 Javelin AMX had a mini spoiler lip on the roof above the rear window as well as a Mark Donohue style spoiler on the trunk. Again, not sure if the roof spoiler did anything, but I like the look.


4th gen trans am. There was nothing like looking in my rear view mirror and seeing both above it and below it too

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When I see a huge spoiler like the Porsche whale tail, to me it just screams, Poor Aerodynamics!