Question of the Week: Tell us which classic pickup is the best looking


Classic trucks are hotter than ever right now, with Ford Broncos and Chevrolet C10s leading the charge. Buyers are speaking with their wallets and are willing to cough up extra dough for solid examples of these two vintage workhorses. Prices aside, though, we want to know which classic truck you think has the most aesthetic value.

From the iconic thin-slat grille of a 1932 Ford to the boxy egg-crate look of the ’72 Chevrolet C10, trucks have come a long way. Modern trucks can’t hold a candle to the way vintage trucks captured a certain strength and hard-working personality with their minimalist interiors and lack of flashy trim or options. When it comes to honest vehicles, nothing beats a classic pickup.

This blue Chevrolet certainly has all the right curves. (Photo Hagerty)

So sound off in the comments below: what vintage pickup has just the right style to your eye? Be it a Chevrolet or Datsun—or something else—we want to hear about it.

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I love the 69-70 Chevy trucks. Body isn’t different across the years, but I like the bar across the grille with the turn signals in it.

A close second is the 73-80 Chevy/GMC trucks. They just look tough to me.


For months, my wife and I drove past a 1953 Chevy 3100 5 window pickup on a used car lot, painted a glorious purple, always joking that we really needed a purple pickup. When we finally realized we shouldn’t be joking about such a beautiful truck, it was gone. Been looking for one like that ever since.

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That five-windows are beautiful @michaelgday


There are 2 main styles of classic trucks I like.

  1. Step Side trucks. Practicality, but also a bit of style. Especially if it’s an older truck that has matching separate fenders in front to the ones in back.

  2. Cab over trucks. Old VW bus-style. Ford Econoline style. Chevy Corvair style. Heck, even Willys/Jeep had a cab-over style pickup truck.

that being said, I miss my truck, and can’t wait to get it back on the road again although it doesn’t fit either of those 2 styles at all.

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1980 - '86 Fords, sometimes referred to as the “bullnose” series. Flaresides, preferably, but short-bed for sure.


The 1954 Ford F-100 by far. The 53-56 were basically the same body style with the 56 wrap around windshield being most peoples favorite BUT the aggressive grille on the 54 made it the best of the series!


In my opinion the best looking classic truck I have ever seen was the 1937 Studebaker Coupe Express. Hands down gorgeous.

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nice looking pick up that has some style has to be 1940 international


I like the 64, 65 and 66 Chevy shorted stepsides like in the picture. I also like the 55 to 59 Chevy trucks along with 67 to 72 trucks. Not a fan of 60 and 61 with eye brow hoods. My favorite is the one pictured. Everyone has different tastes and likes. My 64 is a shorted step side in light green metallic.

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I’ve owned a '75 GMC since I bought it new August 28th. 1974. It’s been a great work horse for me & I spent the winter rebuilding it from the frame up. I also own a '78 Chevy short box 4X4 on 39" tires. I’m fond of the square bodies but I wouldn’t turn down a '54 five window if someone dropped it off in my driveway…

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Wow, That’s a tough question, so many beautiful classic trucks !
For me its my 1967 Chevy K10 4x4 small back window fleet side. Its a true original barn find, they only made 1257 of these trucks and its in amazing unmolested condition. My best barn find to date, and I’ve found a lot, Pretty safe to say its the cleanest K10 on the planet !


The 1961-63 Ford unibody in short bed is one of the best looking ever made.

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I gotta go with the 41-46 Chevy “Art Deco” trucks. That is one beautiful grill! Of course I am biased.


Very prejudice for the 1957 GMC 4 x 4 NAPCO truck. Back in the 70’s I had one similar
to the picture. It had the Pontiac 347 V8, 4-speed hydro and factory Power steering.
The dash boards were the best design for a truck, and the turned metal trim was quite
dramatic. Mine had the factory radio, and the deluxe heater. This is one that got away, because I probably sold it for $500 more than I paid for it. I also Built a 56 GMC Suburban with the 4 x 4 bolt-on running gear from a 64 GMC.


My son and I have restored his grandfather’s 1985 C10 stepside. Crate 350 with Red Oak bed. I call it his “Orchid” he only drives it when it’s 75 and sunny.
It’a a family heirloom been in family since 1989.


I owned a '46 Chevy pickup and still love that style.I have a restored '72 Chevy C20 that goes,shows and tows.My favorite isn’t factory but was born out of necessity when factory light trucks were rare.This '21 Chevy 490 started life as a four door touring but was made into a pickup about 1925.

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Mine. 62 Fargo 1 Ton 4x4 dually with a 413. This is a truck.


I loved my first PU, a ‘46 Chevy
I’ve always really liked the mid fifties Fords. Round body Studebakers are pretty sweet too. Let’s not forget the Chevrolet Cameo or the Ford unibody.
But my favorite MUST be the 1966 FORD fleetside, with winged grill homage to the ‘55 Ford grill, I own four long boxes. Always wanted a short box. Car guys, never satisfied.