Question of the Week: Tell us which classic pickup is the best looking

I have owned a few trucks over the years, but the one I like driving the most is my 63 Econoline pickup. She has a 302 with a C4 and Explorer rear with 4 wheel disc brakes. She gets a lot of looks when she is on the road…a lot of fun!


1949 Ford F-1.
Followed by
1959 Chevy Cameo.

I/M/O there is no contest. The 1957 Chevrolet Cameo pick-up is the most beautiful pick-up truck from the best year for automobiles! It is probably the first personal luxury truck ever made and that white and red scheme makes the cab feel so open and airy.


I grew up working on and subsequently owned a 1951 Chevy 3100 1/2 ton pickup in the 3 window configuration. I think the design of the '49 through '54 1/2 ton pickups is THE CLASSIC Chevy pickup. The reliability and serviceability of those “6 banger engines” is another reason they were and still are very popular today.


I really like the early '50s Fords. Not slammed and hot-rodded, but original style. Dog dish wheel covers. That big fat chrome front grill and those two lonely headlights–so much style was designed into a work vehicle.

Maybe I watched too much Sanford and Son as kid. :smile:


Beautiful. I agree. I have a 57 and the 55-57 pickups are as unique an great looking as the cars,. Definitely a great time for Chevy!lIMG_1296


When I was a teen, ~50yr ago, in Vancouver, WA, our older neighbor’s son had a light blue Econoline PU with a 429 and big meats and would do wheelies downtown.

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The 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Carrier, the forerunner of today’s premium pickups, is my classic pickup. All three years '55 - '57 are beautiful but the '55 is the cleanest design…


Either a 1946 / 47 Hudson or a 1948 Diamond T 201. Unique with style and class…

I’m partial to my '55 Chev Cameo. Pretty cool old truck for design and engineimage


'55-'57 Chevy/GMC pickups are the best!

1958 Dodge
I wish I knew how to attach a photo
Google It!!!

My hot rodded 1984 F150 style side short box, is the bomb and most popular with viewers.

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YES !!
What a awesome looking machine :))
Love to have one of these to drive around

The 1941 Ford pickup gets my vote. I had one in high school. That was in 1961.


This is a Hands Down Win for the Post War, flat fender, Dodge Power Wagon.

Right–nothing else close.

First off there is no best looking just like on a scale from 1-10 there is no 10. To be a 10, or to be the best looking, means by default that you cannot do any better. Consequently I have never given anything a 10 in my life. So on to the trucks. I find several good looking trucks in the 50s from Ford and Chevy, several good looking trucks in the 60s from Ford and Chevy, and several more from them in the 70s. I will throw a Sweptline into the group also.That would encompass close to 12 different trucks. Can’t really have 12 so I went with one from the 60s since I am more of a 60s influence than 70s. Also a Ford guy first.

The most difficult task when it comes to finding a decent truck, as I don’t buy a finished product, is one that hasn’t been butchered which is pretty much a contradiction in terms. This one was all there except for a 360 in place of a 352, the wrong color, but no rust and only $1200. Now the correct color, correct interior and a 390.


1967 Ford F100, first year they squared off the corners. Short bed, styleside Ranger


'57 Chevy hands down! Cameo first, then 1/2 ton, then panel. Love the front end and grille.

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