Question of the Week: Tell us which classic pickup is the best looking

The 1960-64 Studebaker Champ short bed. (Not the Spaceside, which used a Dodge bed)
Studebaker was in trouble, and couldn’t compete with the Big 3, but their designs were still ahead of their time.


There is one of these Studes on my bike ride to work every day and I stare at it every time. Such a pretty and unique truck.

1970 Ford F 100 does it for me shorty FE block powered a classic.R

55 through 66 Chevys , stepsides.

The best looking truck in whole world is the stock, not customized, pure original 1956 F-100.photo%20(1)


I have a couple of trucks. One Ford F250 and one Chevy C 10. I call them Beauty and the Beast collection. The Chevy is more car-like, air conditioning, tilt wheel, creature comforts. The Ford is an animal. I love them both!

That is a truck! Original 413 or transplant/upgrade?

I have a 65 2WD custom cab with the Kaiser 6. I need some sheet metal (front fenders). Like ur truck

This is my latest project, a 67 Mercury std cab shortbox that I found in Calgary. The Marti report verifies that it was built in Oakville, Ontario CAN. Some Mercs were built in San Jose. The 68 F100 Ranger was built in Oakville and sold new in Tennessee, it is my favorite and the gals love it in its tan /white color combo.
I lowered the Merc and it had a 460 installed when I bought it.
The 68 has a lot of original paper work and it has the 360, 3 on the tree and factory overdrive which is awesome to drive and cruise. I also have

67 Chevrolet Custom shortbed on air ride, 327 ,5-speed,
67 Dodge Sweptline SB 318,
62 Dodge Sweptline SB, 65 IH Bonus box 266, 4 sp 1000 series with factory torsion bar suspension
96 GMC SB 305 Vortec.
IMG_6941 Like them all.67%20Dodge%20truck%20008 Truck1%20008

Best looking Pick Up for me is the 56 Ford. I think Ford nailed it in design.!


Very partial to 1949 Chevrolet 3100, rugged good looks!

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When a man’s truck meant a work mate on wheels (rather than a status symbol) I think the 1947 to early 55 Advanced design trucks are unbeatable. No, not the sharpest, coolest, or most impressive, but just a happy face that says, " High ho, high ho, it’s off to work we go!":truck:hqdefault

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1958 Chevy Cameo - Hands down!

Gen 2 Lightning, wonderful lines including driveline

38 ford is the best looking pickup ever made.

The late 60s to early 70s Ford F100 is the top of my list. Regular cab, short bed, 2wd

I prefer the Gen 2 Lightning