Question of the Week: Tell us which classic pickup is the best looking


The 1960-64 Studebaker Champ short bed. (Not the Spaceside, which used a Dodge bed)
Studebaker was in trouble, and couldn’t compete with the Big 3, but their designs were still ahead of their time.


There is one of these Studes on my bike ride to work every day and I stare at it every time. Such a pretty and unique truck.


1970 Ford F 100 does it for me shorty FE block powered a classic.R


55 through 66 Chevys , stepsides.


The best looking truck in whole world is the stock, not customized, pure original 1956 F-100.

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I have a couple of trucks. One Ford F250 and one Chevy C 10. I call them Beauty and the Beast collection. The Chevy is more car-like, air conditioning, tilt wheel, creature comforts. The Ford is an animal. I love them both!