Question of the Week: Tell us your automotive new year’s resolutions

With a new year (and decade), it’s time to think forward and give ourselves some goals for the year. Call them resolutions if you must. Either way, all about planning out the adventures and projects to prioritize in the next 12 months.

Got a road trip you’ve been putting off? Finally going to that race, show, or event that just hasn’t happen yet? Should we even mention the unavoidable promise to “finally get that car running again,” as overheard on the property of every yard with a hulk of metal returning to the earth? Don’t be that person. Get it running this year.

Whether it is a small task or a big adventure, let us know your plans in the Hagerty Forums below. You might just inspire someone, or be inspired yourself, to hit the road on a long-desired project.

I resolve to return my Ferrari 360 to a more stock configuration. Too many mods from previous owners.

@coryat - That sounds oddly tough.

I resolve to do a road trip of at least 200 miles. Preferably one on a motorcycle and one in a car or truck.

The livery.

At least so.each can get on the road within amts notice.


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Things I want to change back:

  1. Painted air boxes. Should be plain metal.
  2. Install original radio and remove the monstrosity that exists now.
  3. Remove extra speakers and fix/replace damaged factory panels.

So not a big deal and quite doable and cost under $1000.

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Address the cooling system on my BB Vette modernize it so summer driving in the new world order (global warming) isnt such a nail biter and bring the sound system up to snuff.Nothing big but these two areas will make my ride more enjoyable.Cheers

My goal is to get a project go kart or something like that. i got the ok from my parents, so now I have to find one!

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