Question of the Week: Tell us your dream engine swap


Engine swaps can be expensive and time-consuming measures for even the most experienced of mechanics, but even casual car people like to discuss the “what-ifs” of engine swaps. Those with a passion for cars seem to always have thoughts on how to make their beloved cars better—enter the heart transplant that is an engine swap.

To us there are two types of engine swaps, factory and non-factory. A factory swap is the daydreaming about the cool factor of a brand putting one of their engines in one of their cars that it is currently not optioned with. Example—The 2019 Colorado would be more than a little bit cooler if the 5.3-liter V-8 from the Silverado found its way under the hood.

The non-factory swap is the more popular one to discuss. A small-block Chevy 350 in a hot rod, or a supercharged 3.8-liter six in your Fiero. The sky’s the limit here so long as your fabrication skills and budget are up to the task.

This would be a perfect swap candidate. Plenty of room under the hood. (Photo Hagerty)

Want to drop a Ford Coyote in your Plymouth Roadrunner, a Buick Wildcat in your Mercury Cougar, or a Jeep Tornado into your Pontiac Tempest? Let us hear it—what powerplant do you wish you could put under the hood of your favorite car? Let us know in the comments below.

Crazy 2JZ-swapped Mustang GT is the perfect foil for the new Supra

I think mine would be a SOCH 427 in my 67 Fairlane backed by a 5 or 6 speed with a nine and 411’s. That would be my dream swap. But that motor is not cheap and wedging it in my Fairlane would be a mechanical and financial earthquake with a tsunami taking out my marriage…LOL!!!
Hey, but a man can dream… right?


I’d RB26 or 2JZ swap a Grand National (or at least a Regal made to look like one). I’d do a really nice build too. I’d be curious to see if it would draw more love or hate.


5.7 Hemi in a 1980 Volare Road Runner.


All aluminum 509 ci. Big Block Chevy in my 71 Camaro. This will happen!!!


@Nrvaughan - That is a lot of engine to fit under the hood of anything. Fairlane might not be the worst choice.

I personally would love an LS-series V-8 sitting mid-ship in a late model Corvair. Preferably backed by a Hewland six-speed. Keep the overall weight around 2400 pounds and an easy 600hp sounds like a darn good time to me!


Here’s another idea, how about a 2.0 L Ecotec turbo from a Cobalt SS in a 71-73 Vega along with a Tremec 5 spd , 8.5 ten bolt, Hotchkis suspension and Willwood 4 whl. discs?


I think I’d go with the 2jz myself since it seems like you’d have the room. But an interesting combination regardless.

My dream is a “factory swap”…20b (3 rotor) in place of my 13b REW. This may happen someday.
Now…if we’re talking “smoking green fattys at 10,000 feet up in Colorado dream swap”, then a 26b (4 rotor).


Cummins 6 turbo diesel into a Grand Wagoneer…


slammin’ a 12v cummins into my dearly departed dad’s '53 5 window chevy …


Buick/Rover aluminum V8 in a Porsche 914.


3.0L duratec V6 from a Jaguar S-Type into my 1973 MGB GT.


Lotus Twin Turbo V8 into a rusty Trabant.


@rbeck_lgic - Interesting. I know people put those in Corvairs, so the size might not be too bad to make it happen.


Mine is my current project, a mid-engine Corvair. Currently a 350, but I have an LS2 that I would like to swap once things are sorted out. Somewhere down the road, a transaxle will need to be discussed… lots of options there.


It’s pretty common to do the Chevy, but I always thought the small aluminum V8 seemed more “appropriate”.


Ford Eco-Boost 4 cyl in my 65 Ranchero with their 10 speed auto.


I got to drive drive a Mercury Monterrey that had one of those in it. Pretty cool engine. I think they only produced 500 of those. Is that correct?


I stuffed a 600 cubic inch Ford Big Block in a 1936 Ford Pickup. Zero to 60 in one second. 8.4 seconds in the quarter mile. Timeslips to prove it. (I had to change the frame too.)


I have a 1947 Chevy Panel truck currently with a small block Chevy. But my ultimate swap would be to put an early Hemi in it. Not really sure how feasible that is, but how cool would that be.