Question of the Week: Tell us your dream engine swap


I have completed many engine swaps, some were really different. My next is to put a Cord V8 into a Cord backwards making it a rear wheel drive. Not going to be very difficult technically but but plenty of fabrication. I am using a T5 transmission behind it. A Cord V8 only has two drive pulleys, each driven off of the opposite ends of the camshaft (none off of the crank). One drove the generator and the other the water pump. On this swap one will drive the alternator and the other the a/c compressor. I will replace the mechanical Cord water pump with a electric water pump. I plan on using a aftermarket throttle body injection system. The Cord distributor will be replaced with a HEI distributor. Internally the engine will be essentially stock.It is going in a 1937 Cord Beverly.


Would love to build a ‘‘killer’’ old 1956 Hemi ( 354 ‘’ ) with aluminum heads from ''Hotheads ", and shove it into my '41 Plymouth Coupe. However, my budget called for a 383 Chevy stroker making 430 hp at the build date six years ago . It is light, quick, and agile…BUT not all Mopar !!


My ideas on building cars are a secret in a book I wrote over twenty five years ago entitled “A Tinker’s Dream”. However today thinking modern I would like to have a new Chevy Volt chassis sitting under a 1954 Chevrolet two door hardtop. Now that would be something you could use in retirement to see the country. Who remembers the line - see the USA in your Chevrolet? I’d like to !


for me , or should I say for my `56 (2DOOR) RANCH WAGON…,. It would be to GREEN – go all ELECTRIC POWER, Air suspension to offset the weight of the batteries. I’m in the research mode now…


I’ve got a 1966 Mustang convertible (her name is Angie) with a rebuilt 1973 302 under the hood. She runs at low oil pressure and will eventually need to be swapped. Any suggestions?


How about a 351 Cleveland.


I have '64 T-bird convertible. Lately I’ve been thinking of a 2.7L Ecoboost w/10 speed tranny swap. The Hp & Torque numbers are better than the ‘64 390 FE boat anchor, probably both published and real life. Crusin’


Would you be offended if I told you I covet Angie? She’s gorgeous! In any case, how about a late model 5.0 liter with all the e-controls?


I always wanted to do a Buick aluminum V8 into a Lotus Espirit. Now I’m thinking an LS3 would be preferred. A Pantera killer.


LS3 in a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 6L80e tranny. Went from a 454 NOM and the lifters ticked no mater what I tried. So glad for the LS3 upgrade. Added a Dakota dash and Vintage Air while I was at it. I also want to do the same to a 1970 Corvette


I have always wanted to put a Chrysler 440 in an AMC Gremlin. Add a 727 trans and either a Mopar 8.75 or a Ford 9 inch and go street hunting.


I Have a 1949 Willys pickup that has a 472 Caddy backed up by 400 turbo tranny and is still 4x4 Only mods were to do a spring over and move the radiator ahead as far as possible and add an electric fan. I have a 1972 Commando that I would like to add the 500 caddy too. And a 48 Mercury pickup I would like to add my 5L Mountaineer motor to. Nelson


Lincoln Flathead V-12 into an old school hotrod or a Pontiac SD-421 Tri-power into a mid-50’s GMC that originally came with a small Pontiac motor badged as a GMC. A Singer / Porsche 4.0 l 400hp motor into my '71 911T, narrow body hot rod.


Here is my L/S Swapped 68 Biscayne. After having a discussion with a couple guys I know and really thinking about it. I’m 2 generations behind on gas engine technology. There thoughts are electric. I have been against it for quite sometime. I’m not really sure what changed my mind but the more I think about it a high horsepower electric conversion is a possibility now. My opinion is as the technology with the batteries gets better, cost for parts will decrease and driving range will increase. I can see this car having a 1000 hp motor and a trunk full of batteries with a range of even 100 or so miles. I could do my normal Friday and Saturday night up and down Woodward Ave with that range and the cost for a charge would be almost nothing. Especially compared to $3.85 or so a gallon for the 93 octane I run now and get an average of 12 mpg.


A 1991 LT5 into my 65 Chevelle Convertible. This LT5 is the engine in a 1991 ZR1 Corvette

I have both the engine and the Convertible.


I have a 1954 GMC panel, that I’d love to have a 3-53 Detroit in.


My dream engine swap would be a 427 cu. in Ford stuffed into a 57 Chev and see the look on the faces of the Chevy boys when the hood is opened…LOL.


I’d like to see a Cummins Turbo Diesel and auto transmission swapped into a 1970’s International Travelall 4X4. Need not be the latest version of the engine, just one that can tow well and gets better mileage than the IHC’s V8.



Yup, stroker, 700R 4, 3:73 posi . Giddy-up!!