Question of the Week: Tell us your dream engine swap


The factory swap I would’ve loved to see is the HO Quad 4 and Getrag 5-speed w/torsen final drive that Olds used in their '88 442 put into Pontiac’s Fiero Formula or GT. That would’ve been a motor actually suited to the redesigned suspension and would’ve turned it into a real sports car.

My dream swap is the one I started nearly 40 years ago, but never completed: Pontiac 455 backed up by a TH425 from a Toronado, sitting in the back of a '66 GTO Sport Coupe. I had the motor and transaxle installed and the rear suspension fabbed, (basically grafted in a chunk of the Toro’s frame) but hadn’t built a firewall, set up the cooling system, or decided what to do with the front suspension. (Rodders were just barely starting to swap the Mustang II into stuff and I hadn’t seen any of them yet.) Then life got in the way. The front clip got stripped off and traded to a buddy and the motor got sold to some guy for his 442 and the rest went to the scrappers. I think the decklid got saved, too, but nobody was interested in the (straight, rust-free) body because it wasn’t a hardtop. My how times change!


In 1971 dropped a 302 into a 1966 Ford Fairlane Sation wagon that could then lay a patch for 200 feet.


1998 360 EFI Magnum V8 with corresponding overdrive automatic tranny on a 1988 Dakota front clip in a 1950 Desoto Custom. Did it, kept it all Mopar and it works great! Fun to drive …



That’s a good one. Plenty of room in the SJ.

I’m currently putting a 5-cylinder Mercedes turbo-diesel (from a 1982 300TD) into a 1986 Jeep XJ Wagoneer (the woodied version of the Cherokee). This was the last year for the horrid Chevy 2.8 V6 in the XJ, so the benefits will be greater in every way (performance, fuel mileage, longevity, maintenance, etc.). No reason to do this in an '87 or later XJ with the 4.0 AMC in-line six. From '86 to '87, the XJ went from having the worst engine ever put into a Jeep, to having the best.


When I was in high school (1978), some guy there got hold of one of the few V8 Gremlins, a green one, and swapped the 304 for a 401. (The bell housings on all AMC V8s are the same). It became both the ugliest and the fastest car at school at the time.


'09 LS9 in a '59 El Camino. T56 6-speed.


My dream would be an LSA 6.2L supercharged V8 or an LS7. Mated to a T-56 Tremec manual trans in my 57 Chevy 2door hardtop


I would love to drop a Viper V10 in a '68 Charger R/T. Another dream swap would be the RB26DETT into a Datsun 240Z.


My dream engine has nothing to do with power and more speed, but rather with longevity, that is, my ability to drive my beloved '66 Volvo P1800S for a longer time. I’ll be 74 this year, still a very good driver with some good years still ahead. So the dream might be to swap out the manual
transmission for an automatic. I say might because a part of me still wants to keep it original. Also it would have to be a non-1800 automatic which I’ve heard have reliability issues, and I realize that any swap will be costly. So it’s likely a dream that will stay a dream, but on the other hand, each ride may become that much sweeter.
Keep the classics rolling.


@modelcarjunkie - I recognize this car from M1 Cars and Coffee, and it is awesome. I never saw it with the hood open but the stance and character that car has is perfect. Know that car is appreciated!


An engine swap does not have to be expensive. I installed a small block MOPAR engine and automatic transmission out of a wrecked Dodge Dart Swinger into my 1954 Dodge pickup that was originally a 6 cylinder manual shift. At the time I also installed a Dana 60 rear end. The entire swap cost was under $500!



Been done at least once…a friend’s car…


I’d like to take my 2009 Ford Escape XLT and swap out it’s 3 liter V6 for a new Lincoln 3liter twin turbo 400 horsepower V6


@wadealger31 - We were just talking the office not too long ago about how Ford skipped the Escape ST model and went straight to the Edge ST. Bit of a bummer really.


Oh yeah, it’s been done plenty…it just looks like a match made in heaven.


Just did a 302 out of Mustang GT(1993), bored and strocked for my 1951 F10. Runs strong. If I upgrade it will be Coyote V8 with super charger or turbo.


Would love to replace the 4.6 litre 3 Valve in my 2010 Explorer with a 5 litre Coyote! Mellow appearance not so mellow performance!!


On holiday in Cuba I was told that the restored US cars had had the engines replaced over the years with Skoda engines due to the parts embargo and the availability of Skoda units.

My cobra originally had a 2.8 Cologne thru an autobox which I changed for a ford BOA out of a Cosworth Granada - how difficult could it be I reasoned, its the same block after all. Turns out it was expensive. A few years later having broken 3 BOAs they were getting rare and so I bit the bullet and changed it for a 4.6 Rover V8 with a manual box and side pipes. This was also an expensive move.

Moral of the tale - start with the right engine for the car in the first place and if you do change the engine have a healthy bank balance to start with.


Thank you Kyle For the kind words,comments and taking notice of my Biscayne!