Question of the Week: Tell us your dream engine swap


I have already done that! Had a Blown Ford 427 SOHC Motor for years sitting on an engine stand. All polished, Just a Thing of Beauty!! Of course most Fords are! Ha. Put it in a 55-Chevy roadster, it turned out pretty Sweet! Payback is her name you can look it up on youtube! Thanks All you Car Lovers!


The dynamic behind our motivation of swapping engines originates from a vast selection of interesting, and in most cases attractive bodies and chassis, which perceptibly in the eyes of the owner simply are underpowered.
Case in point, my 1955 Chevrolet Post Coupe with a 265 cubic inch V8 with 194 valve cylinder heads, which necessitated in my opinion in 1969, larger displacement to achieve that “need for speed”. The solution.? A Cadillac Eldorado 331 cubic inch factory WCFB dual quad V8, uplifted with a Harmon Collins roller camshaft, and headers, 3 pipes per bank given the siamese porting of mid cylinders exhaust. Coupling a Borg Warner T10 4 speed transmission required a Offenhauser adapter bell housing, followed by a 4:11 gear change to the Chevrolet differential. Dr. Frankenstein’s new “Monster”, which would continually break motor mounts from the torque, requiring chaining the engine to the frame.
Eventually, it was sold, probably the result of the humiliation of getting “whooped” by a Rambler coupe drag racing light to light on El Camino Real in San Carlos, powered by a modified factory in line six cylinder. It is in these moment, our realization of power to weight becomes a reality.


I’m a bit old school…383 stroker in my blown nitrous 75 Vega


A very timely question as I am planning an engine swap in my 57 Chevy 210 in March. The time has come for the tired 57 corvette 283 to go. My goal is to keep the car looking period correct, therefore naturally aspirated. Given I will never cut the car for tubs, crazy HP will never hook up- I want to remain the 500 hp club, still respectable but not wimpy. My current choices are a small block 427 (535 hp) from Shafiroff or a BB 502 (508 hp) direct from GM. The 502 is actually 2 grand cheaper but upgrading headers, engine mounts for BB, etc…both price out around 12 grand. Interested in thoughts.


Buick 215 aluminum V8 and original factory 4-speed, into an otherwise stock 1971-1973 Vega wagon. I think I first got this idea via a friend’s dad, who swapped a 215 Buick into a Sunbeam Alpine.


I miss my 2006 Dodge Magnum Station wagon. I always dreamed about stuffing a Viper’s complete drivetrain in there! Slap some tubs up under it with some fat rubber to handle the power of an all aluminum V-10 under the hood. Other that that, leave it stock. Mom’s grocery getter just got serious!

I think CarCraft did this a long time ago.


I think stuffing an LS or SBC in the Fiero would better than the Corvair since the Fiero is a two seater anyway. If I owned a Corvair, I would want to retain the back seat. I have seen Corvairs with small blocks and LS motors on a racetrack and they handle excellent and are very fast. I think there’s a few youtube videos out there.


@drm101 - Space seems premium in a Fiero though. Having discussed the supercharged V-6 swap in a Fiero](https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2018/12/06/fiero-supercharged-v6-swap), I dont see much more space in that engine compartment.

You are right though, losing the back seat and gaining a bunch of noise just behind your head is less than ideal. I have already removed the backseat of my Corvair (similar to the Yenko Stingers) but it is nice to still have that space for luggage or other items.


My idea of a dream engine swap would be to drop a 5.3 or 6.2 LS into a Saturn Sky or Pontiac Solstice. It has been done. There was a package sold in the U.S. by a company that also performed the work. Modify tranny, suspension and brakes to handle it. You take a “cute car” and turn it into a little beast for relatively small dollars…

We have an '06 Magnum R/T AWD with the 5.7 Hemi, car just past 173,000km (108,000 miles) and that motor still pulls strong…plan to do a rebuild and tweak a couple of things just to get it to breathe better and optimize the torque. Wonder if my Beloved Co-Pilot will notice the difference…wouldn’t want to bother her with the details…:wink:

We also have a '96 Corvette Grand Sport with the LT4…wouldn’t want to touch the motor but am planning to put in a different gear set up to get more action from the 6 speed.

Keep on Driving Folks!


6.6 Duramax diesel and Allison 6 speed automatic trans IMG_3227 in a 50’s GMC or Chevy COE (cab over engine) flatbed to haul a trailer queen to car shows.


My dream engine swap came b
ack in my college days at SIU-C’s automotive program, mid-70’s, 400-M’s were easy to come by as were 351-C components. I mated a 400 block to 351-C quench heads and had our student machine shop create the 1" in. thick head & valley spacers so I could mount an aluminum 351-C Shelby hi-rise to it due to the wider deck. Completing the mod was a lengthened distributor shaft/housing to provide clearance for the increased manifold height and a bellhousing from a 429 SCJ to mate up to my close ratio Top Loader. The bellhousing was a straight bolt-up but a 3/8" spacer ring had to be created for the starter to sit out just a bit farther to engage the gear on the flywheel properly. Lastly a special Borg Warner clutch plate with the smaller close ratio shaft diameter finished it off. I popped it into my aging '68 GT-350 and turned it into a sleeper, which for those in the know, had come with a detuned 302 with air pump by then. Finally I had a setup with the cubic inches to move some air with velocity through massive 351-C ports. Never tracked it so couldn’t say what the overall level of performance was, but it was a screamer. 10 years later after getting married, sold the GT-350 with both engines for garage space. Never have heard what may have happened to my GT-350 or the experimental 400-C since…


I have been researching and planning a Duramax/Allison swap for my Hummer H2. This way I could lose the awd and have the 2wd option. Plus gobs of hp and torque with a bit better mileage. Its not a bad swap just need to find the right donor vehicle. If they had done this from GM I believe they would still be producing them.

My Cj7 will then lose the gutless amc 360 and get the 6.0L from the H2. Which will haul in that light jeep.


Can you post some pics of the willy’s and the commando? Would love to see them.


I wouldn’t mind swapping out a still-in-the-crate Chevy I 240 ci for the tired one I have in my stock '65 c10 daily driver pickup


I replaced the 6.2 non-turbo Diesel in my Chevy pickup with a 425 Buick Nailhead bored to 431 inches with a bit of a cam and forged custom-made pistons. The Diesel was a wonderful engine, but with 130 hp and about 275 lbs of torque, when pulling our horse trailer it was a rolling roadblock. The 'Nail puts out about 340 hp and has 465 lbs of torque. No more towing issues, and the 'Nail fits better then the original engine, and the truck lost about 150 lbs in the process. I’ve done a lot of swaps over the years, but this is my favorite.


Stuff a Porsche Cayenne turbo V8 in a 968 convertible-not cheap, but all Porsche!


Yeah! I’m over seeing Chevy engines in Fords!


Stock looking 1980’s El Camino with a T-top and a BMW V-12 engine. Yes it will fit…


Old School, a 500 cu. in. Cadi which I happen to have already built put in my 1972 Chevy C10 short bed



Drive modules from a Tesla S 100D to replace the 4wd drive train in my Aerostar.