Question of the Week: Tell us your dream engine swap


@eycchu - Interesting. I like it!


I would like a 337 Ford truck/Lincoln flathead reworked to about 355 (so it’s bigger than the 350 Chev) to put in my '32 Ford Highboy Roadster.


Dream swap is for me 572 GM into my 73 Corvette after everything else was brought to a spec to get the best outa it.


I’m thinking along the line of Kyle. Mid engine LS in a late model Corvair. Hook it to a shorty power glide coupled to a C5 Corvette rear with a Canyon man adapter. 600 horse LS should get your heart beat going


I’ve already done mine, it runs much better now. :grinning:


Glad to see you like the LT5, an engine ahead of its time. Engine going into a "54 Corvette. All ZR1 drive train and suspension on a modified '54 chassis. Did a coil over plug configuration and now doing individual throttle body induction system. Body is into paint now. Hopefully running by late summer. Did a LS3 in a '61 Corvette before this and a Buick 215 in a Triumph GT6 many years ago. Doing a Buick 215 to Suburu transaxle for a mid-engine Autocross car. You will have fun with the LT5, one of my favorite engines.


Here are a couple of pictures of each. Message me for more


message me for more pictures


I owned a 94 ZR1 Corvette for about 10 years. Did all my maintenance and other work so I know about the engine. My son has a 91 ZR1, bought it years ago. He decoded the ECM program himself and started burning chips with different tuning than factory and ended up making custom chips for people all over America. I still have several of his chips.

I am a long time hot rodder, started out working on a 34 Ford making a hot rod out of it.

Thank you for the email. Sounds like you have had a number of interesting cars.



Wow! They are beautiful. Nice and clean. Nicely done. You should be very proud to own those rare pieces. Love them. That willy’s in the middle is going to have me dreaming tonight… It has some nice patina. I could see it lifted on dana 60’s. Sitting on 38" mud terrains or rat rodded. Awesome collection. Thanks for sharing


Shawn the middle one is a 1950 Jeepster and is for sale Nelson message me privately for more info


Having previously “restored”/built (with my stepson) a '66 4spd coupe, I’ll suggest an “easy” swap of a crate 347 from a reputable company - fits right in place of the 302 (assuming you’ve already got the 6 bolt bell housing) and will really wake that Pony up!


This Mercury 390 in my '65 F-100 is fun but I REALLY want a 428 in there…


Well, not only was it the 18 y.o. me’s dream engine swap, with the help of my Dad, it became my reality!
I owned a 1982 Jeep CJ-7 with the mighty 258 ci straight 6. Motor had no horsepower
but decent torque, and that’s what counted when 4 wheeling.
That is until I put large (37") tires, winch, 8" lift kit, etc.
It had 2:73 gears and couldnt use 5th gear!
So I installed Dana 44 axles front & rear with Detroit lockers & 4:11 cogs, which helped a ton, but still slow as hell. So I looked for & found a wrecked 1971 AMX with a 401 that I had to have.
I did a complete rebuild and the dyno #s were as follows: 365hp @ 5000 / 455lb @ 3400rpm! Thing was a torque monster! It had so much torque it would twist the l/f wheel off the ground whenever I wanted!
From 0 to 60 the thing was a bear, but after that it fell on it’s face. It was like pushing a sheet of plywood against the wind with that straight up windshield.
I beat almost everything ( back in 1986ish) I came up against on the street from stoplight to stoplight. I took it to the local track & it did a 8.8 sec 1/8 mile.
So yeah, I guess I was ahead of the curve with Mopar installing the Hemi into the new jeeps. I installed a AMC engine into my AMC Jeep!
Drove that thing for 6 years & had a lifetime of fun. I pulled the motor out & swapped in a stock amc 304 before I sold it. Even so the new owner flipped it a month later. I installed a full roll cage so he was not hurt thank god!


Nice. And with that front suspension I’m sure it drives better too. But I have a soft spot for that 235. What time should I swing by and get it it out of your way in the garage?


put a Tom Nelson Racing engine into a 72 Ford Pinto. Now that would be something.


Defiantly a 427 dual quad for my 64 Galaxie 500. A 100 feet of rubber on the pavement would be cool.


That is one classy ride.


Thunderbird Turbo Coupe drivetrain into an 1983 - 88 Ford Ranger with some HP upgrades to it…always wanted to do that to my 86 Ranger I bought new…


Thanks for the comment it’s a fun ride for sure.
Love you Galaxie, hoping you get that 427 you want for it!