Question of the Week: Tell us your favorite big-block


You wrote: “Regardless, the Olds 455 when properly dressed was a beast. Enough to torque to beat any other motor at the drag strip on a given day.”

I don’t know about that. The Buick 455 was a real torque monster, too. 510 lbs. ft of torque!



And for uniqueness, how about the 425 Buick Nailhead engine? No other engine looks like a Nailhead.



I have to go with the Boss 429, wrapped in a ‘70 Torino with 4 speed drag pack.
Small block: Boss 351 in either a Mustang or Torino.

My favorite was the Pontiac Ram Air 400. I purchased it new in my 1969 GTO Judge that I have owned for 50 years. I love my GTO Judge.

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And then let us not forget the most misunderstood, least known ever Chevrolet engine which is shrouded in mystery. In fact, it’s called the Chevrolet 427 Mystery Motor for a reason. By the way, it is NOT a Mark IV 427 better known as the Big Block Chevrolet. These fall into the category of unobtanium!


Tough question, there are many favs. I would go with the 396/402, 427 & 454 block. Personal experiences; my late great uncle taking me out west when I was a kid in his '68 Camaro RS/SS 427/390hp to my hs days in my gf’s dads '69 Caprice 396/2 bbl to my hs buddies '69 Chevelle SS396/375hp L78. The sound of those solid-lifters was intoxicating!

Even though I am a Ford Guy and love the FORD 427 SOHC did I miss something or did anyone suggest the Corvette ZL1 !

You wrote: “Even though I am a Ford Guy and love the FORD 427 SOHC did I miss something or did anyone suggest the Corvette ZL1 !”

I did but I just said the Chevrolet ZL-1 since it was also installed in Camaros.

got one in my 69 mustang!!

Mine is in my 68 GT500KR

You know if gm sold the zl 1 over the counter and how many camaros they put them in?

I do believe they sold them thru GM Parts. There were 69 Camaros made in 1969 with the ZL-1 engine.

Caddy 472. I didn’t love the coupe deville but I could open the hood and listen to that 472, it was massive. Sold it about 5 years ago.

69 ZL-1 Camaro sadly only 2 Vettes, or The L88 Had No Match, Period69-camaro-copo-zl1-brighton-motor-800-640x400


Also 61-'63 Long Before GTOs,SS 442,GS, etc. Pontiac had a monster 421 SD That Owned Nascar, Before anyone had a 42x anything421sd

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Absolutely have had 5 Mopars with a Hemi in them the ultimate

The 426 Hemi is the clear all-time great, but my personal favorite is the Mopar 440. A little more displacement, a little simpler, essentially equal up to 4500RPM (higher with head work). Just a great big-bore/short stroke workhorse.

Other greats: the Buick 455, Ford 385 family (429/460).

428 Ford is the one for me. Number 1

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Ford BOSS 429 4bbl cobra jet