Question of the Week: Tell us your favorite big-block

I had a few big block Mopars, but my 1970 440 powered Cuda was the one my father said would probably kill me. He was wrong…

without a single doubt, the Chevy 494 that powered the CanAm McLarens;

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I would have to say the 427fe. Although, this was a tough discussion for me. I have a love for all makes and models.

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I had a 68 L68 427 tri power vette 3spd auto and at the same time a 1970 440 six pack charger pistol grip 4spd The 440 would turn that massive charger sideways in a accelerated heartbeat. So assuming we are talking factory installed of these two that I sold, the Charger I regret selling,

Well there’s two types of people out there, one that always wanted a Hemi and the other who has one. I have the The big Hemi in my 70 'Cuda, Not the original 426 but a World Products all aluminum 572 . People can look at any engine of any manufacture brand and the’ll say that’s cool. But when they look under the hood and see the Gigantic Hemi , they say HOLLY CRAP !!! that’s huge.

396 - 427 - 454 - L88 - ZL1 - ZR1 take your pick. All are thunderously great big blocks!

The Chev 396 is my favorite big block without reservation, I have owned several Chevelles with 4 speeds and the 396 is the most fun to drive with tons of torque to boot. I am still having fun today with my 67 SS 396 Chevelle. The best of the best big blocks!!

My favorite engines have been the Buick nailhead engines.

Although a medium block, Pontiac RA IV. Very hard to beat on the street. My younger brother had '70 RA V TA, which was my back-up. That thang was an animal. Very efficient for size and weight and very quick and durable, those Ram Air Pontiacs.

440, in my 1972 Jensen Interceptor.

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Boss 429 and GM 454 in all it’s variations