Question of the Week: Tell us your favorite Ferrari


Only once a year do we celebrate Enzo Ferrari Day, a full 24 hours dedicated to the Italian automotive icon. Enzo was born February 18, 1898, and after the Ferrari family’s carpentry business went belly up he became a test driver for Alfa Romeo. From there, Enzo went on to create some of the most iconic racing and sports cars of all time.

Experiencing time behind the wheel of the Maranello-built cars is reserved for a relative few, but the visual experience is shared by all who have spent time looking at cars over the years. Ferrari’s designs have a wide breadth of style, from the curvaceous pontoon-fendered 250 Testa Rossa to the wedge-profile of the 308.

This 1960 Berlinetta is a great example of Ferrari style.

Which is your favorite? Of all the cars wearing the Cavallino badge, which one stops you in your tracks so you can appreciate it fully? Let us know in by leaving a comment below.

This 1959 Ferrari 250 TR tribute car is a raw-aluminum masterpiece
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Hard to beat the SWB Berlinetta, it ranks right there in my top 3 favorite Ferrari’s. Beautiful car, but then of course, there’s this one…


My 1st choice would be the 288 GTO with the 250 GT Lusso a close second.

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@teutonicscot - I want to love 250 GTOs, I really do. From the right angles they are perfect. From other angles… less so. It’s all personal though.


Mid 1960s 330 4 seater, in black lacquer with blood red leather and wire wheels. The V12 up front and a 4 speed was just stunning. I could have bought one for about $70k in the mid nineties. I just knew I should have put my hand up at that auction, no body else bid. Then figured out how to pay for it !


Kyle, I agree with you, I really love the 250 GTO’s looks, it’s stunning for a sports car, but it’s like your favorite song in high school that got played so much that you eventually end up not liking it.
But Ferrari made so many gorgeous automobiles in the 50’s-70’s that there is something for everyone to love. Some other favorites are the 330 TRI/LM and the 250LM.