Question of the Week: Tell us your favorite race

Motorsports has grown to a level that early racers could have likely only imagined. Now enthusiasts have any number of races to watch throughout the year. Picking just one might be tough, but we want to hear what race is the can’t miss on your calendar.

We aren’t limiting discipline or location. Instead, we are leaving you a wide-open field here. Local dirt track to the prestigious endurance events, the list is virtually endless. How do you pick your favorite event? Is it based on location, history, the cars, or a combination of all those and more?

Photo Brandan Gillogly/Hagerty

This is the time to tell us which race has it all in your opinion. We will gather the top mentions for an Answer of the Week list next week, so be sure to make your case strong.

As a local, I’m pressured to day the indy 500. To me, all of the stuff surrounding the big race is way better and more entertaining than the race itself.

However, if I have to be honest, any Class 11 Baja race with a vw beetle would be much first choice.

The Can-Am races at Road America or Watkins Glen.

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Watkins Glen is a nice track, and a nice area of the country, as well.

My brother used to teach at Ithaca College.

At one time I lived on Georgetown Road - directly across from the fourth turn at Indy so that race will always be at the very top for me.

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I agree. Any vintage race at Road America is a blast from the past.

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The Daytona 500 is my favorite.

I am a drag racing fan so the Nationals in Sept at Indy!

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Also F1; Mónaco, Spa, Monza and Azerbaijan


I did attend 3 formula 1 races in Watkins glen back in the seventies, more of a mini Woodstock weekend then a race! unfortunately 2 drivers and a greyhound bus died in 2 out of 3 of those
races!! now I enjoy the local dragstrip near home, only $15- $20 and its been open since 1958

Since I’m also a drag racing guy:
Night Under Fire, held every August in Norwalk, OH, at the Summit Motorsports Park. All the big names are there, and at the end of the night, the Jet trucks/cars burn the sign behind the burnout box…TO THE GROUND! It’s an awesome event, and one of the few things I miss from days living nearby.

Has to be Pikes Peak

No doubt that it’s the Indy 500. I’ve attended the last 50 Indy 500’s. IMS is my favorite place on the planet.


The 12 hours of Sebring. Such an action packed weekend of racing capped off by the 12 Hours, not to mention the atmosphere of the Green Park and the loyal fans/party goers.

Any of the vintage (SVRA, etc) races held at the historic tracks (Road America, Road Atlanta, Watkins Glen, Laguna Seca, etc) are fantastic! Lots of racing action, history and less of a parade than the F1 races, plus the cars & drivers are much more accessible that the more modern race series.

Cars, F1–Spa.
Bikes, MotoGP—COTA (because I attend every year)

The Indy 500 stands alone… 104 years and the traditions, the tragedies and all the pageantry are unparalleled… with new stewardship from Roger Penske the 500 is poised to keep improving on what already is the best!


Last year I went to something called the Sonoma speed Festival. It was insane. There were cars there you’d only see under glass… but there they were running the track. Had to be more than 200 cars like Ferrari 250GTO (2 of them!), Maserati birdcage, Ford GT40, and on and on. Le Mans cars. Mercedes F1 car was there too. Broke the track record. Amazing

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I have gone to Norwalk many times also, they don’t burn the sign every year but when they do
it’s quite the spectacle!! love the $1 a pound velvet ice cream too