Question of the Week: Was your Father’s Day filled with horsepower?


Driving season is in full bloom, and Father’s Day offered the perfect opportunity to do just that. With miles of road and hundreds of car events to enjoy, we have to believe that dads everywhere spent the day doing the things they love most—like spending time with their family and taking a drive.

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Every Father’s Day the Lake George Classic Donzi Club holds its Annual Summer Regatta. My son and I had been a regulars at the event for many years. It had been a Fathers day tradition. Due to a divorce, I had been unable to afford to operate the boat for the past four seasons. Blue Thunder as my son has named the boat has sat under a tarp for the past four seasons. Three months out I started working extra overtime here and there and tucked a little money every week away for the parts to breath life back into Blue Thunder after four years. Less than a week to go I worked several very late nights to get her operational and ready to make the 300-mile trek to Lake George NY. We drove throughout the night to get to the lake. On a perfect, weather day. We launched her and the moment of truth. I turned the key and Blue Thunder started on the first crank. The unmistakable rumble of a Mercury V8 350 Stroker Motor with a through hull exhaust. The smell of exhaust the smell of gas. We pulled off the dock and headed south the five miles to the Algonquin Restaurant where the club meets. Blue Thunder jumped from wave to wave. The spray from the hull, the sound of her engine, the wind in our faces. The smile on my sons face. It was worth every bit of sacrifice to get to that moment. As we came off plane and pull in to the no wake zone near the restaurant docks Blue Thunder decided she had run long enough and stalled out we limped into the dock. We made it to the dock just as the rest of the other Classic Donzi’s arrived in a rumbling column. Even though we broke we made it to the dock to make the group photo of all the boats together We got to experience the camaraderie of the other Classic owners on Father’s Day. We even enjoyed our tow back to the dock connecting with my son and the boat that I will hand down to him someday. It looks like Dad will be working overtime again to fix the boat. It’s not just a boat its memory that is being forged. That’s one of the reasons I choose to protect my Classic Donzi boat with Hagerty Insurance.


Our Son is heading to college in a few weeks. This was him when he was two before the restoration on our 1969 Alfa Boat Tail Spider (Duetto) was started. That day got him started talking about Kart racing, which we did. He won the season championship in 2009. All because of that day on the Alfa Romeo.


My 82 year old father has always been an inspiration for me and my love of cars.

Recently he has been building a 1926 model T hotrod. He also owns a 1955 Chrysler Windsor 4 door sedan, with no papers and the frame has pretty badly rotted. He has decided to take the engine and transmission, a 301 Spitfire “semi-hemi”, with a 2 speed automatic, and put them in the hot rod.

After going to a small but worthy car show earlier in the day, we St to work pulling the engine and transmission from the Chrysler. There were some interesting challenges along the way, but by the end of the day they were sitting on a dolly waiting on installation in the hot rod. Now engine mounts are going to have to be made yet, etc, and some welding will need to be done before they go in that car, and with work and other bits of life getting in the road, it may be a while yet; but we got there. It was a great day.


priceless photo! tiny hand tool for a tiny dude


On Father’s Day in 2012, my daughter insisted that the '71 Nova SS that I bought new in 1971 be taken out of storage, and be put back on the road. I reluctantly agreed, thinking that it was going to be an almost impossible task.
Turns out it was really quite simple. New fluids, and some other minor fixes, and it was in driving condition again. I think I got into the vintage car thing because of her. We now spend Father’s Day at a Lions Club Car Show with other members of the Losers car club that we both are in. Our Father’s Day tradition ends with a family grill out. Back in 1971, I never would have guessed!


I drove to Maryland’s Mason Dixon Dragway in my Prius and watched a safe Drag racing event. Going to the Drag races was something that my father and I did occasionally. He has been deceased since 1979. Good memories and always a fun time watching Drag racing.