Question of the Week: What ‘20s car would you drive to a swanky Gatsby party?


To kick off a special series of Question of the Week, we are asking you to sound off on the ‘20s car you would select for a roaring Gatsby party.

The ‘20s was an interesting time period in many respects, but the automotive industry stands out for its large strides that would have major effects in shaping the world to come. The automobile was here to stay and upscale manufactures began to really gain traction. Now 80 years on, which car from the ‘20s would you pick to enjoy today?

From the dime-a-dozen Ford Model Ts to the ultra-rare Duesenberg Model J, the ‘20s had a stunning breadth of vehicles that were in their own ways breaking new ground. The Ford T ended production in 1926 in preparation for the Model A, but during that same stretch of time there were numerous car manufacturers creating unique cars for the public to buy.

This Duesenberg would be a great choice. (Photo Hagerty)

Approaching a century old, pre-war cars possess a style and driving experience all their own. So what ‘20s car would you want to be seen driving?

The best 1920s cars for turning heads, according to you

I would go for either a Stutz or Bugatti!


Bugatti Royale Type 41


the blue train bentley


The Model T hack I used to own. Did just that a few years ago, but it was a chilly Michigan day and with just a windshield it was a brave thing to do. Still had fun though.



Auburn boat tail convertible


A 1929 Ruxton Roadster or Phaeton has all the class…


Either a Packard or the Duesey


My '29 McLaughlin-Buick has the elegant (and rare) close-coupled body. Looks prestigious anywhere.


The Auburn boattail. After working the A-C-D auction for four years in the 70’s I fell in love with my dream car.


The 1926 Kissel Speedster, definitely!


Many would pick something exotic and expensive for it’s day. Appropriate for a swanky party, for sure, but most of the driving public were operating much more, er, pedestrian machines. The '20s had great, everyday cars. Being a MoPar guy, I could choose a first year Chrysler (1924), or a first year Plymouth or DeSoto (both 1928), or the first year Dodge was a Chrysler brand (1929). Perhaps best for such a soiree would be any custom-bodied Chrysler Imperial from the decade. But on final thought, I’d Jack-Benny it, and show up in a 1922 Maxwell (Chrysler Corporation’s antecedent).


Duesenberg Twenty Grand


I would choose a Peerless. Especially if it was a period racecar. Just have to find me a Green Dragon!


Easy, I’d drive my '28 Packard 5th series sedan :slight_smile:


I’d prefer a much newer ride that just looks period: a Sceptre 6.6S Roadster.
Only 15 were made from 1978-80. Built by former Clenet folks.


Auburn Boattail Speedster would be my car of choice. But since I don’t have one, I would have to take my '24 Studebaker Roadster.


Any Duesenberg. They’re all classy, beautiful and fast


Packard Dual Cowl! With a VERY handsome chauffer!