Question of the Week: What ‘20s car would you drive to a swanky Gatsby party?


Definitely Duesenberg of any type.It can’t be rivaled. Other choices would be the Auburn Boat tail and the Cord.


There are just too many great 20s cars to answer this question. But since I own a 1926 Chevrolet Superior Sedan (restored) I guess I will drive that! It’s like an advanced Model T and has great quality for such an inexpensive car.


1925 Oldsmobile 30-C


Rolls Phantom I. But which body…?


Definitely a Hispano Suiza roadster, looks fast just standing still, you can see one in the Australian series, Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries


“From the dime-a-dozen Ford Model Ts to the ultra-rare [Duesenberg SSJ, the ‘20s had a stunning breadth of vehicles” Um, the SSJ first appeared in 1935…


I would take a Horsch. This forgotten German manufacture produced what were some if the most elegantly constructed automobiles of that era. It would most likely be the only park at the party as well. Not many were imported to the US.


@jc1 - Good catch. We’ll make an update to reflect a Duesy that was a '20s car.