Question of the Week: What car are you most thankful for?


@miricharts - That is a nice unique Maverick! I dig it!


Great looking Maverick. Rare and nicely set up.


I am most thankful for the 1997-2004 Lotus Esprit Twin Turbo V8 as a very drive-able and affordable Supercar with 4.3 sec performance to 60 mph that beats a 12 cyl Vector or a 12 cyl Ferrari Testarossa at a fraction of the price. I previously owned a Pantera for 22 years as a beautiful trophy car but it was a beast to drive compared to the Lotus and with 5.5 sec performance it was no supercar. Only 636 Lotus V8s were built for the US making it very unique compared to millions of Vetts - while Corvette continues trying to make a light weight mid-engine Supercar.


At the age of 27, married and two small children, I decided I needed a new Honda CB 750. The wife didn’t agree. She settled on my dream of a corvette. I didn’t care what year, but it had to be a convertible. I started looking and found one in the classified of our local newspaper. It was a 1969, 15,000 mile convertible. It was owned by a Marine stationed at Little Creek Amphibious base. He said to meet him at the Military Circle strip mall. When I arrived it was parked out in the middle of the lot with the top down. It was gleaming in its Cortez silver paint. I was sold before I got out of my 63 Volkswagen. I had no idea what I was buying except that it was a convertible. I found out quickly it was not the average corvette. Equipped with 427, 390 hp. 4 speed. no AC. I paid $3,000 for it. I would drop my two girls off at the babysitter on the way to work. One buckled into the passenger seat and the other laying in area behind the seats where the top stored when it was down. During the 70’s gas shortage and realizing this was not the best family car I decided after 3 years it had to go. I sold it to the local Chevrolet dealership for $3,200 thinking I did great! Drove it for 3 years and made $200, wow! I enjoyed driving it around with the top down and occasionally smoking the tires. I once had it up to 140mph.and let off the pedal. The speedo went to 160mph. I think it had a enough left to bury the needle. It has to be the car that I am most thankful for owning and most sickened for selling.


@mtrenne - I figured a V8 Lotus owner would say they are thankful for their mechanic!

I kid. That’s a beautiful car. Interesting to compare it to a Pantera, I would not have drawn that parallel.


Iam most thankful of my 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix SJ . I bought the car new in March 1977 I was 18 yrs old . My family always owned Pontiac products so this was no question in the car line I was going to buy . I have owned this car for 41 yrs and it has driven me to my wedding , taken our new born children home from the hospital , my kids learned to drive in this car ,gone to 4 proms , been in our daughters wedding , been in parades with the home coming queen and really has been a part of our family forever . And when I"am gone that"s where the car will stay…


Im thankful for my 1969 Chevelle SS396, My dad bought it at Guarantee Chevy in Anaheim late 1969. I was 2 at the time and remember leaving with my family and dad all upset because the dealer did not put gas in the car.
When the gas shortage of the 70s I remember guys offering my dad $500 cash for the car. They all said “the day of the dinosaur is over and $500 is a gift because the car will be worthless in a year or two.” It lived in the garage dad had zero interest in selling. My mom drove the car till I was 16 then I drove it through high school and beyond.
During my late 20s lack of money and then into my 30s marriage and kids put the car in a hanger for 12 years. Once the divorce started the car came back into the light and I spent over a year restoring the car,
Its a So Cal car and has never left the state of California and its fully documented, I have the original window sticker, sales contract, and build sheet.
Guess its worth a bit more than $500 today…


My First Car - 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham - All Black, 475 with 375 Horsepower. Having something like this at 16 years old in 1975 was quite the ride! 2 drive shafts and a transmission got my dad’s attention. Son, what are you doing with this, taking it in the woods? Loved it, have had 14 more caddy’s since, own one know.


My '67 Mercury Cougar XR7. My first car, purchased May 17, 1973, and driven regularly ever since. 330,000 miles and counting!


Most thankful for my 1969 Impala SS 427 - such a smooth ride…and my 14 year old grandson says he wants it “someday”.



My 1969 AMC AMX. Bought back in 1981.My dream car. Wonderful memories past & current!


I am most “Thankful” for “Max”, my first car, a 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe Sport Sedan. LOL A fancy name for a Chevy 4 door sedan with a “built in” trunk and “Knee Action”, an early version of independent front suspension. My father bought it for me - $300 - and I learned about how to fix cars on that old car. At one point we even had to buy a NOS “short block” for that car, and once it was installed, my dad helped me to start it for the first time by pulling it behind our Land Rover as I “popped” the cutch to get it to start. LOL By the time we were done “fixing” that car, I think my dad could have bought me a brand new Corvette or Cadillac, and actually had money left over. LOL But all the working I did on it taught me a lot about cars. And I loved/hated every minute of it!


May I list two?
The first would be my 1970 Plymouth Satellite 2 door hardtop that was my first car. We put a 1971 340 out of a Duster in it and “road runner - ized” it a little. We had a blast bracket racing it and going cruising with my girlfriend (later to be my wife!). We listened to hours of Journey, Eddie Money, Kansas, the Cars, Psychedelic Furs, and a lot of other great bands on the Pioneer cassette player as we went out on dates or to the car shows & the drag strip. It helped fuel the passion for old cars and “fun with cars” for me, my brother, and my future wife. She’s still a “car guy” to this day some 135 or so cars and trucks later.
The second would have to be my 1974 Dodge Monaco that we made into a “Bluesmobile”. That stupid car made SO many people sing & dance and do movie lines when they’d see it, and it led to me managing and being the “Elwood” for a Blues Brothers tribute band (with all of the horns, keyboards, etc. just like the real Blues Brothers). Believe it or not, it was also my daily driver (all day, every day, sun or rain or snow) from 2003 to 2014. And it wasn’t “just around the block” either. My commute from 2000 to 2005 was 80 miles round trip! It had ice cold AC and satellite radio and NEVER left me stranded. The very few times it broke down it was usually in my own driveway! There’s also a story in here on one of the other Hagerty pages of a little autistic kid who walked up the door with his shoes on as I was trying to put him in the car for some photos by his parents… Man THAT is what it’s all about!!! Having FUN with your vehicles and letting other people have fun in and around them too. There are some wonderful people who are trailering around these ultra low mileage original cars or hundred thousand dollar restorations, and that is fantastic. But it’s not for me! My fingerprints, road rash, rock chips, door dings, and the footprints on the doors and hood are priceless to me. The car is now in Chicago (what better place for a Bluesmobile?) and it’s still making people happy.




Well, this '39 Ford Deluxe Coupe is a keeper! While in high school in Cicero Illinois,all my buddies had fast cars and the ones I loved were these “Fat Fendered Fords” being repower with every type of OHV V8 from the later '50s to early to mid-'60s back then making very competitive against the early factory store bought “Muscle Car” of that era. Yes, they were very light and quick in the right persons hand.I went through a few relatively fast cars and finally got me a modified early factory “Muscle Car”. It was a '61 Ford Starliner which was a 390/401 hp car but after I got done with it, it had a Holman Moody blue printer 427 side oiler, tin headers with 4" dumps, 3:89 gear with a top loader 4 speed but it weighed in at about 4200 pounds. Yes it was quick but…That motor was as rugged as they come for running wide ope all day long on a USAC or NASCAR track. The low end performance was good but not up to my expectations.I got drafted for Nam and when I came home, now facing reality, I sold it for $350 and the buyer still owes me $25 to this day and that was back in 1971… !
So, I have restored and rebuilt many cars since that time and when I retired some 7 years ago after 33 years at Robert Bosch Automotive, I asked, yes ASKED, my wife IF I could take some cash from my 401K roll over, and find me a decent “Fat Fendered Ford” to redo and play with.The photo is it AFTER many changes which included a crate SBC motor,100% bumper to bumper rewire, cruise control, AC,rework of the suspension, a Blaupunkt stereo system and all new glass. Now I got 2500 pound of fast,comfortable, and up to date “Fat Fendered Ford” that We both love! Thank You for letting me show it off.We call it “GRUMPY’S RIDE”.


I am most thankful for my '66 912 Porsche. I was driving my XK120 Jag one day, and was stopped by a German lady and told I MUST join the Ladies Group of Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing. Looking at all involved, I purchased the 912 as my “learner” car. Never did change over to the drum brakes, heavy handling of the Jag. Opted for more power, bought an '83 911 Turbo. Fast, but not the fun I have with my little nimble 912. All three live together still (with a few friends) but my heart has always belonged to Mrs. White!


I remember when I was young ,my dad bought his first brand new car; A 1965 Ford Station wagon. It fit all 4 kids with no problem. But the most I remember was going to the drive-in or on a trip and just falling asleep in the back. A lot of good times in that car ! Thanks


My first car where it all began…1970 Duster, Slant Six, rust everywhere, steel girders for bumpers. 1970%20duster



and i’m a MOPAR, guy.

From MOPAR; it’s a 3 way tie between: the DODGE VIPER, THE CHALLENGER DEMON,




I wish I would have bought one like ten years ago. Always thought they were the coolest looking car and use to cheap.