Question of the Week: What car are you most thankful for?


When i was a kid in highschool i had a triumph spitfire. That car gave me a love for small engines and good handling which lead me to my 1983 Ford Mustang GT Turbo. Lots of power and great handling from modifications done by the previous owner. Ive had the car twenty five years and 175,000 miles. I had a full restoration done four years ago with an engine rebuild due soon. Grateful to still have her shes number 500 of 603.


When I was little, my Dad would buy me the Earls Court car show magazine that listed the current cars for sale that year, including a photo, write-up, specs and price. My top three were the Austin-Healey 3000, Jaguar E-Type Coupe and Ferrari 250 Lusso. Almost 30 years ago, I was able to afford a Healey that was rather tatty. 15 years later, I got caught up in a “restoration-from-hell”; took the original company to court and won; and had great people to help me get her finished another 9 years later. Then when at a local show with my now completed Healey, I met a fellow who wanted to sell his 30k mile E-Type Coupe for an amount I couldn’t refuse.

So as the saying goes, two out of three ain’t bad!! After all of the trials and tribulations, I truly feel fortunate.


Hands down the 1969 Camaro Z28.


My 63 Galaxie. After a 40 year break from drag racing due to working,kids,etc. It got the blood flowing again.


@buttlik427fe - That is an awesome photo!


Fantastic car. Very nice restoration. I have been looking for one for years. I have an SVO but have always been on the lookout for a Turbo GT. There aren’t many left.


Best example of the phrase “catching air”?


Glad you are enjoying the pic. That was me and the old Gal at Mid-Michigan raceway a few years ago. The photographer fell in love with the car that weekend. It was a NMCA event. Fastest 427 Ford on the property. After owning for 20 years, I just sold it due to health and age reasons. Supposedly headed for Texas.


“What car am I most thankful for?” The one that still takes me to work (after retirement) so I have enough money for the PayPal account that I use on those other cars… :wink:


No there arent. Though mine is an 83.5 car they only made them as an 84 model before they dropped the csr for poor sales. Rough mumber in total no more than 3400 were built. The 83.5 are even rarer. There is a Facebook page for them and Four Eyed Pride forum has a registry going for the GT Turbo and the Capri RS Turbo .i was originally looking for an SVO when i stumbled on this car. Im grateful to have it and have enjoyed the research into its history.



^Very very cool car.
I share your preference for small engines…in light cars. Add forced induction and the real fun starts. Getting back to the thread topic I’m thankful for my 93 RX7 R1. 1.3 liter rotary (160 ci) twin turbo. 2800 lbs, ~350 hp currently. 0-60 < 5 seconds, TP ~ 165 mph and .95 g in turn. Retired now but my career took a toll. I owe my sanity to my wife…and this car.


Jim love the RX7 WE are kindred spirits. Your horsepower is also a goal for my single overhead cam 2.3. 300hp. A good round number.


No pic of your Nova. I had a '62 that was green and had a 4 cylinder. Traded it for $50 and 2 tires for my '57 chevy 2 Dr. 210 wagon


I am most grateful for the years that I drove my Z-16 Chevelle. It was late '65 when I had the chance to buy one of five in the LA area. The red one with black interior got my attention. According to the guy at Popular Hot Rodding, it was the fastest of the lot as well. The car was put together right, power was unbelievable. I drove the car from coast to coast when I got a new duty station. I have owned a lot of nice cars since then, some later selling for ten times what a Z-16 sells for today but that is the one car that I truly regret selling. Now I have a top notch 65 Chevelle big block and it goes good but I don’t think it compares to the old one. Perhaps I don’t compare to my old self either.


Yea, great photos. My father had one but it was not as cool as yours. He drove it for a long time from DE to CT and back on weekends as he worked in DE during the week. The only things he had better was a tri-color paint job: rust, existing primer splotches, the rest a majority light metallic green? It also sported a in-line 6 that tried to keep running after switching it off. ha ha. Then again I guess it was great for driving in CT winters with all the road salt vs. something nicer.


Interesting how the Chevelle was considered a midsize car in 1965 and today it is the same size as a luxury full sized car. My Z car has been disassembled and is sitting outside somewhere with no front end, frame or interior. Just for good measure they took off one of the quarter panels. When I think of what a great machine that was, it ticks me off to see what has happened to it.


I am thankful for my Nightshade Green 1968 400 Pontiac Firebird (and Craigslist).
Found this baby 10 or so years ago on Craigslist when the economy wasn’t so great,
Called the guy at 6 am (woke him up). Apologized for waking him up and he said, "Since you’re the first to call, you’re the first one that gets to look at it…
6K and 2 days later it was sitting in my garage
Matching #'s 400 car and the odometer hasn’t even flipped yet…
There is a reason they say “Pontiac ruled the 60’s”…
Yes they sure did…



The only pic I have is an old polaroid of the car after I wrecked it. It was originally a 6 cyl with a three on the tree but both were gone by the time I got it. I built a L79 spec 327 and installed it along with a th350 with a B&M trans pack and 2500 stall converter. It was the only car I owned at the time so totaling it was a tough blow. I built the car in 82 and wrecked it in 85. I still miss that car!


My 73 Mach1, we’ve been friends for 42 years.


As a young fella always wanted a Stingray BB never in a million years could I come close to owning one life happened and other responsibility’s got in the way but was on my bucket list,thankfully we were able to get one before dirt nap time.R