Question of the Week: What car did you take your driving test in?


Almost all car enthusiasts are card carrying members of a huge club, and the ID card for it is a driver’s license. Acquiring a license has always been a right of passage, and the driving test can be exciting and intimidating all at once, especially for drivers with little experience. Nobody wants to fail and have to take the test over and over, while their friends and classmates are off driving to their hearts’ content.

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When the car you had available for the road test isn’t ideal, it can complicate things. Forced to parallel park with the family Chevy Suburban? Good luck, kid. Last week we learned that Friends star Matt LeBLanc took his driving test in a Javelin fit to be cruising around Bedrock with Fred and Wilma.

Whatever kind of car it was—good, bad, or otherwise—tell us about it the comments below. We all had to start somewhere, and the car you got your driver’s license with is something we all remember.

The worst cars you drove on your driver’s exams
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My driving test was taken in a 1965 Chevy C10 long bed. It was the shop truck for a Chevy dealership in Corona, CA. My Dad bought it used in 1970 and when it was time for my drive test in 1977 I had a choice between it and the 1973 Sedan Deville my Mom drove so I picked the truck. When I graduated in 1979 it was also my graduation present!


74 VW Superbeetle with AutoStick. It’s been a while, but I do believe we had to do parallel parking.

Thankfully, it was a small town.



My first test in 1972 bombed when I failed to launch our 1970 Toyota Corolla after parallel parking on a hill. I killed it releasing the clutch. “Whispering Sam” in Waukesha Wisconsin, also disapproved of my hand directional signals.

My second test utilized a 1972 Ford Club Wagon long wheelbase set up for our family of nine.
Success! Ever since, I have had great affection for Ford vans!

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I took my driving test in my first car which was a 1960 Chevy Biscayne. The thing was a tank! It probably weighed 6000 lbs and had no power steering. I aced the test by the way… :laughing:


1979 Chevy Caprice Wagon. Two tone gray/silver w/ red vinyl. 350 4bbl and pretty well loaded for the day.


I took mine in a 1977 Ford Maverick. Four door sedan, 250 cubic inch six cylinder, automatic trans. Apparently I did well enough that I didn’t have to parallel park although I had practiced that enough to feel comfortable.


I used my Father’s '57 Chevy Bel Air, three on the tree. Luckily it had snowed the day before so the course was still piled with snow. That is why I never had to show my parallel parking skills and passed the test with flying colors.


A 1978 Chevy Beauville van. And, yes, I had to parallel park that beast!


My test for a “car” license was in a 1963 Beetle (manual of course). No problems parking it except they moved the cones closer for small cars. Motorcycle license was on a 1976 Honda CB360T - went off without a hitch. The “large vehicle” license test was with a 1966 Ford cab forward chassis fire apparatus (engine) which was a real treat to drive on the narrow streets of the small town for the test.


1956 DeSoto … still one of the best dashboards of all time … had 180K miles on it and it looked new. My father taught me well … my 2002 Viper looks new.


Interesting - was trying to get my 17 year old to do his road test in my 1975 super bettle or the 1971 VW Bus .Told him he would never forget the experience . I recommend all to try it - as comments above you will never forget it . John - wantagh N.Y.


I learned to drive ona Volkswagen bug in Brazil. But I took the test on a Fiat 147 (in Europe it was the 127). A perfect car for Learning: great visibility and very manouverable. An easy clutch and small engine made it a great learner vehicle.


A 1966 Pontiac Star Chief Executive. 389 automatic with a trunk that would hold 3 Schwinn 10 speeds and still close. I was a “late bloomer” and was only 5’1" at 16 and took the test sitting atop a phone book on the expansive bench seat. I did have to parallel park it. I passed with flying colors but got a dirty look from the examiner when I told him we couldn’t start until he put his seat belt on.

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1971 VW Bus. Passed, parallel parking and all…


In 1970 I took the high school’s Driver Education course and one of the cars was a new VW bug with the autoclutch (as mentioned by another person). I took the driving test with my mother’s 1963 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Then my brother and I bought a 1950 Studebaker Champion Starlight Coupe as our first car. It had a flat head 6 and “three on the tree”. My older brother taught us how to use the clutch and shifter.


Took it in my parents 72 Olds Delta 88. Nailed the parallel parking and passed the test on the first go. That car was the polar opposite of my first car which was a 73 Fiat 128SL.


My grandmothers 1973 Plymouth Duster 318 in 1984. Back window was so fogged up for parallel parking the highway patrol man told me I sucked at it anyway and to go on. Made a 72 on the test and barley passed.


My first test was on Mom’s 1972 LTD. Failed on the one way street because i didn’t pull to the left at the end (the street was only a car wide and made no sense, because another car couldn’t get around me) The second time was on Dad’s 1968 Impala station wagon. Passed. I miss that car, a nice cruiser.