Question of the Week: What car did you take your driving test in?

Took my First Road test In a 1960 Mercury Comet Station wagon. That was my first, I have since taken 3 DMV road tests in in 65 and 70 passenger School buses with parallel parking. Never failed a road test.

Didja take a sawzall to that Merc? 124 inches is shorter then my model T.

I used a 1966 Buick LeSabre,it was the only vehicle we had that was automatic and power steering,made taking the test alot easier.the other vehicles we had were a 1968 VW bug and a 1964 Chevy truck, both with manual transmissions…I got my license in 1974, bought that 64 chevy truck from my parents the day I got my license!!!

Might as well been a Suburban. A 1979 Chevrolet van. Parallel parked like a champ.

1964 Buick Special Wagon. It was replaced by a 1972 Buick Special 4 door. I flogged them when I drove them, and the 74 Vega, and 78 Cutless 2 door. By 1975 I had my first cat (1965 912), and I flogged that, too!

‘69 Plymouth Suburban wagon. Parallel parking was a challenge, but I earned it on my first pass!

75 FIAT X/19…my dads “economy car” …almost failed, as i was doing the 3 point turn it was obvious the car could just do a U-turn in the space - I looked at the trooper and he said “if you don’t reverse, its not a 3 point turn” so I backed up a couple feet and passed. Watching him climb in and out of it was hilarious. Good memories, great question…

In August, 1975 in a 1975 Datsun B210; rented the vehicle from a driving school

Borrowed 1964 Mercury Comet because our family car was a 63 Chevy Impala SS convertible which had a console and floor shift automatic and examiner would not be able to access the brake pedal. August 1965.
Our school had driver ed available so I had plenty of practice in a 64 Pontiac Catalina before taking the test.

1957 Chevy: my first car. It had 3 speed on the column. I bought it in the fall of my senior year in high school. I was taking drivers ed and so I let it sit in my driveway until I completed the course in January. I then bought insurance, got it registered and made an appointment to take the permit test. When I finally got the permit, I made an appointment for the drivers test. In the meantime, I took the car to a gas station to get the mandatory safety inspection. The front suspension had worn ball joints and tie rods. I didn’t even know what that meant. I was able to use it for the road test. My dad had me take it to a friend who owed a gas station and he agreed that it needed more work than it was worth. I could have forced the seller to take it back since I was under 18 when I bought it. But he lived about 50 miles away. I put a for sale sign on it and in a couple of weeks sold it for what I paid for it. So, I only was only able to drive it for a month or so. Those cars were always popular and easy to sell. Of course, today that car would be worth tens of thousands. After that I had a series of junkers from the 1950’s which I was always able to sell when they started giving problems. Cars were very cheaply built and inexpensive in those days.

I had a '71 LTD. They were advertised as “ride engineered”. I met a truck on a very narrow mountain road, so that I couldn’t dodge a rock as big as my head in the roadway. The front right tire hit it directly, then it bounced off of the floor of the car and hit the right rear tire directly. It was very loud, but the car didn’t flinch. I didn’t feel a thing.

A 1972 Plymouth Duster (225/auto) in 1977.

1961 Ford Falcon station wagon. 3 speed on the column. All I cared about was that I passed!

63 Pontiac Bonneville 4dr hard-top. During the drive the examiner chastised me for one-hand palming the car around a corner. An easy habit with over-boosted steering and one I picked up while driving the car on a school permit. While sitting and waiting I thought for sure I flunked because of that. But ended up walking out with a big smile.

Reminds me of my uncle’s precious DeSoto back in the days. So neat car but he had to sell it.

1967 Corvair 4 Door. Beautiful car until my brother wrecked it. My best friend took his driver test in the same car…

1962 SAAB 96, 3cylinder, 2 stroke, overhead fan shaft, 3 on the tree.

1971 Buick Electra Limited. I could dial that behemoth into a parallel parking spot like nobody’s business.

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I took my driving test in a Triumph Herald in England. The tester took me down a cul desac and half way down he said i want you to turn the car around and back the way you just came. On either side of this narrow road the side of the road dropped off suddenly because it had been paved so many times. So i turned the wheel and did as he said. What he didnt know was that the triumph herald could turn on a dime. So i just whipped it round and went back the way i came, i was in second gear before the tester got over the shock. Obviously he had taken many people down that road because of the steep drop off on either side. He splutterded at me, i want you to go back and do it again, this time using reverse gear and first gear and the hand brake. He wanted to see if i had good control over the clutch when the car rolled back and i had to use the clutch and handbrake in conjunction. with each other to get back to the center of the road and i had just ruined his little plan. So i went back and did as instructed with no loss of control, working the clutch and hand brake perfectly and turned and went back. He never said another word , other than go back to the test center. I did and he scowled all the way,BUT he passed me. I bet he never tried that trick on a triump herald ever again.

In 1967, on my 16th birthday, in a 1965 Pontiac Vista Cruiser 9 passenger wagon. Passed , although I messed up the parallel parking. I had done all my permit driving in a 1950 ford sedan, flathead 6/with 3 on the tree.