Question of the Week: What car did you take your driving test in?


Took my First Road test In a 1960 Mercury Comet Station wagon. That was my first, I have since taken 3 DMV road tests in in 65 and 70 passenger School buses with parallel parking. Never failed a road test.


Didja take a sawzall to that Merc? 124 inches is shorter then my model T.


I used a 1966 Buick LeSabre,it was the only vehicle we had that was automatic and power steering,made taking the test alot easier.the other vehicles we had were a 1968 VW bug and a 1964 Chevy truck, both with manual transmissions…I got my license in 1974, bought that 64 chevy truck from my parents the day I got my license!!!


Might as well been a Suburban. A 1979 Chevrolet van. Parallel parked like a champ.


1964 Buick Special Wagon. It was replaced by a 1972 Buick Special 4 door. I flogged them when I drove them, and the 74 Vega, and 78 Cutless 2 door. By 1975 I had my first cat (1965 912), and I flogged that, too!


‘69 Plymouth Suburban wagon. Parallel parking was a challenge, but I earned it on my first pass!


75 FIAT X/19…my dads “economy car” …almost failed, as i was doing the 3 point turn it was obvious the car could just do a U-turn in the space - I looked at the trooper and he said “if you don’t reverse, its not a 3 point turn” so I backed up a couple feet and passed. Watching him climb in and out of it was hilarious. Good memories, great question…


In August, 1975 in a 1975 Datsun B210; rented the vehicle from a driving school


Borrowed 1964 Mercury Comet because our family car was a 63 Chevy Impala SS convertible which had a console and floor shift automatic and examiner would not be able to access the brake pedal. August 1965.
Our school had driver ed available so I had plenty of practice in a 64 Pontiac Catalina before taking the test.


1957 Chevy: my first car. It had 3 speed on the column. I bought it in the fall of my senior year in high school. I was taking drivers ed and so I let it sit in my driveway until I completed the course in January. I then bought insurance, got it registered and made an appointment to take the permit test. When I finally got the permit, I made an appointment for the drivers test. In the meantime, I took the car to a gas station to get the mandatory safety inspection. The front suspension had worn ball joints and tie rods. I didn’t even know what that meant. I was able to use it for the road test. My dad had me take it to a friend who owed a gas station and he agreed that it needed more work than it was worth. I could have forced the seller to take it back since I was under 18 when I bought it. But he lived about 50 miles away. I put a for sale sign on it and in a couple of weeks sold it for what I paid for it. So, I only was only able to drive it for a month or so. Those cars were always popular and easy to sell. Of course, today that car would be worth tens of thousands. After that I had a series of junkers from the 1950’s which I was always able to sell when they started giving problems. Cars were very cheaply built and inexpensive in those days.