Question of the Week: What car did you take your driving test in?

Two and half ton 1954 Chevrolet flat bed dump truck

54 chrys new yorker.great car with full time power steering

1971 Duster, 340 4bbl. Scared the crap out of the Examiner…lol

A 1962 Lincoln Continental; black, red leather interior and a white convertible top. Talk about a sixteen year old driving a gun boat like that. I use to pick up my brother and a neighborhood girl from junior high most every day in the Lincoln; I married that girl in 1969. We’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary this August.

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A 1948 Buick special 2 door sedan. Green. It was my brother’s car and he loaned it to me for the test. it was stick and I was 16. The test included the parallel parking. I remember scaring the examiner when pulling back into the DMV parking lot a little too fast and a little too close to that telephone pole. I passed anyway. That was 1955,

It was my 16th birthday in 1972 and I drove Dad’s 1967 Lincoln Continental. It was a shade of green that was so light as to appear to be white, with a vinyl top of a slightly darker shade. Very classy car with suicide doors. I think it was the last year for the 462.