Question of the Week: What car did you take your driving test in?

1972 Dodge Colt with a stick.
They had parallel parking for a couple car sizes, which evened the playing field.

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1978 Toyota Corolla 1,2

My dad’s 1962 ex-post office Jeep, I believe it was a CJ2. It was so slow I could have walked the test course faster. When that machine was totaled in an accident (hit while parked at a shop for an oil change)…we upgraded to an 1972 CJ7 with V8… Now that is a machine that I miss.

A 1967 Buick Riviera, 425 cubic inches and 360hp fire breathing, 18 feet of a tire shredding monster.
I failed the first test because I (accidently) peeled out from a corner. :slight_smile: aced the parallel parking.

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No driving school vehicles available for my test but was able to use the school owner’s brand new 1967 Mercury Cougar - 289 4-bbl. My score would have been higher but for the quietness of the car. Caught going over the speed limit a bit during the test but I still passed.

1963 Mercury Comet S-22 convertible with a 260 V8 and four in the floor.

Still have it some 40 years later.

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1973 Plymouth Duster with a 225 3-speed manual. Passed with the parallel parking.

The day of my test a taillight was out on the ‘65 Ford Galaxy so I took my test in the ‘63 VW Beetle. OK, really easy to parallel park. Went on to a lifelong obsession with air-cooled performance. Now own two ‘73 Porsche 911Ts, and a performance ‘71 Super Beetle. Daily driver is ‘00 Audi TT.

I think I’ll be the only one with this as my vehicle, because there weren’t many to begin with, a 1955 Chrysler Imperial. It was my mom’s car. What a nice vehicle.

Took my drivers license test in the same red primered 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Slant 6 225 (high output) with a 3 speed automatic on the floor that I learned to drive on. It was not all that reliable, and it was not a chick magnet, but it got me where I needed to be most of the time. That car taught me just about every basic automotive skill I have today and most of all gave me the confidence to take on just about any automotive repair task.

For the Motorcycle test it was a Black Cherry 1985 Honda VT500 Ascot, a really great general purpose motorcycle and an all around reliable and easy to maintain motorcycle.

1956 Ford Customline 3 speed stick with 292CI V8

My drivers test took place in a white '72 240Z with red upholstery. My dad insisted that all 8 of us took our test in a manual gearbox car, my older siblings in his various MGBs and my younger in his Honda Accord. I think I got the best of all worlds.

All the cars in my collection have significance to some point in my life, as I near retirement I’m finishing up the restoration of my all time dream car. Once I retire I have a California '71 orange over white 240Z waiting in the wings for a full on restoration. The car has been sitting for 30 years in storage, last year I cancelled my contract and had to move it to my new garage 250 miles away. I changed the oil, put in a set of front pads as the others were frozen in the calipers, filled the 35 year old tires and drove it trouble free for those 250 miles. Reminded me of my childhood

My Dad was an Oldsmobile dealer in 1969 and I was fortunate enough to have a brand new '69 Crimson Red Automatic 442 waiting for me when I got my license. That’s the car I took my test in and passed easily (I had been driving since I was 13). 6 months and 3,000 miles later, it was sitting in the shop in need of a new set of rings and the tires were bald (c’mon, they were 2 ply polyester cord tires back then) as I drove off in my new 4-speed Glade Green 442. My Daddy LOVED me!

1959 English Ford Prefect. Our family car.

Failed first test (1980) was in my mothers 79 Monte Carlo. Second time a month later there was a blizzard on my test date. Called to see if they were still giving tests that day and they said if I can get there they will take me out. Couldn’t get the Monte Carlo out of the driveway so took my 72 Toyota FJ40. During road test the none of the side roads had been plowed yet so big banks across the ends of the streets. Test person said I guess we have to go back since we can’t get down these streets. I asked which one he wanted to go down and off we went through the snow bank
. He was impressed with how the FJ did and said he was going to look for one. Got my license that day.

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Took my test in my uncle’s 60 Dodge Dart Phoenix 2door hardtop. It was a 318 torqueflite. I psssed with flying colors. Took the test at Belmont Barracks outside Philadelphia a few days after my 16th birthday. Loved that car. Not many around today.

Had learned to drive on dad’s old ‘65 Impala. On test day, the blinkers would not work. I needed another car to test in. The only one available was my cousin’s ‘69 Oldsmobile 98. It was massive, compared to the Impala and the first time I was behind the wheel. We had to complete a parallel parking maneuver too ( for which my kids are clueless about). All went well and I passed!!

46 years ago and still the best day of my life…1953 Chevy 3100 pick up. 216 stovebolt w/3 on the tree.
I remember warning the instructor to put the door handle in the “locked” position to prevent the passenger door from flying open.

1956 Pontiac . . . although like many in that time I’d been driving friend’s cars when I was underage.

I was 16 years old in 1968 when I took my drivers test in a 1959 Oldsmobile 98 I look like I was 12 the car look like a land yacht I did it in only two back ups.